Overwatch 2 Players Not Happy With “Generic” Orisa Javelins With Old Skins

An Overwatch 2 player notices that Orisa’s new weapon doesn’t have variants for any of her new skins, which are more expensive than the first game.

One Overwatch 2 The player shares a video showing them going through all of Orisa’s new Legendary skins and notices that her spear is the default look. The javelin is defaulted regardless of whether it is in one Overwatch the Overwatch 2 skin.

Orisa’s new spear was a fun addition to a Tank that has been much maligned for her static play. Orisa’s spear offers both offensive and defensive utility and is also part of her new ultimate ability. The javelin is mostly spun wildly or thrown at an enemy, so allies and enemies won’t really get a good look at it during a fight unless they get pierced by it. But it can be assumed that because of all the skin variations that Overwatch yes, there would be thematic changes to Orisa’s spear as well. Unfortunately one Overwatch The player noticed that the opposite happens.


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The spear of Orissa within Overwatch 2 All default renderings are assigned to all of her skins, regardless of where they come from Overwatch the Overwatch 2. Redditor TMDan92 shared a video on r/Overwatch that walked them through Orisa’s skins and weapons, and each skin, regardless of rarity, was assigned a default spear. Also, there is no golden weapon for Orisa’s spear. This is especially disappointing since then Overwatch 2 The skins are more expensive, but as of now, they are a bit unfinished. Other characters are assigned their skin-specific weapon variants in the game, so this appears to be a bug or purposely missing issue exclusive to Orisa.

The game itself is incomplete. His beleaguered launch Overwatch 2 in early October is the Early Access version, a distinction often forgotten when defending or attacking all the issues affecting the game in its early days. However, with all the added detail shown if the early access release is anything to go by, not having alternate spear designs in the game feels bad. Especially when the game requires more time or money for the skins, but those skins are still in progress.

Overwatch Players can only hope that this was an oversight that had to go on the back burner while Blizzard addresses the other Overwatch 2 game and account issues. Many of these issues have either been resolved or are being aggressively addressed and will probably go as far as putting Orisa’s javelin variants. Hopefully soon, because there are a lot of potentially interesting design ideas with many of her skins.

Overwatch 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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