Overwatch 2 Players run fast and get through the queue

A new trend is starting to build steam among Overwatch 2 players, as many fans have started “speeding” through the login screen.

The long wait to connect Overwatch 2 has some players setting a new trend of quickly ‘running’ the queue and reaching the title screen. Since the game’s release on October 4th, the amount of time players have to wait between entering usernames and passwords before reaching the title screens has really dampened the enjoyment of Overwatch 2 for many people.

It should be noted that a speedrun of a login screen is not quite the same as trying to get to the end of it Super Metroid the Ocarina of Time in as little time as possible. This is more of a showcase of exactly how long it took to connect Overwatch 2 thanks to the number of players trying to join right now, along with a number of server issues.


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One player started a timer app often used by speedrunners and recorded for 16 minutes before reaching the end of the queue. The player even added splits to show the time between sections divided by the number of others waiting ahead, counting down from 30K in a row to 1K. These waiting issues are nagging Overwatch 2servers since launch, though it seems some players are having at least a little luck when it comes to connecting to the game.

Another player who uploaded the “speedrun” of the connection Overwatch 2 managed to appear on the title screen just over 13 seconds after the timer started. So even with Overwatch 2 The servers are being attacked and overloaded by so many players trying to connect, there are still some fans who have a little better time when they get into the game. That being said, the only reason this player decided to record and time this attempt was because he had problems with previous login attempts. Please note that the video contains swearing.

For many players, this long wait to connect was incredibly frustrating, which makes the idea of ​​these “speedruns” as cathartic as a joke. This can be especially frustrating for fans who want to take the few hours they have in the day to beat some of them Overwatch 2weekly challenges of the year to actually earn some rewards. Overall, the slow waits are another drag on its release Overwatch 2 so far, and fans will always be quick to make a joke out of anything this disappointing.

Overwatch 2 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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