Overwatch 2 Push Mode Tips: Better Heroes and More Strategies

Overwatch 2 is finally out, bringing the new Push game mode to the hero shooter. While Overwatch 2 had a rough launch, with long queues, crashes, and a phone number requirement that has been mostly nixed by Blizzard, Push provided a fun new neutral target mode for users to enjoy. See how Push works and how to master the new game mode.

How Push works in Overwatch 2

Push is an objective-neutral game mode centered around a bot that starts in the center of the map. Each teammate has a winding path for the robot to walk down, with the goal of getting the robot to the enemy team’s territory. The winner is determined by the team that drives the robot the furthest or if a teammate reaches the end of the course. To move the robot, it must be completely clear of enemies and someone must be near it, like moving a payload object. Each team has a spawn set near their own base where the enemy team tries to get the robot. Unlike payload matches, spawns won’t get close to the target, no matter how far you push it.