Overwatch 2 servers are under DDoS attack

Fans trying to log in to play Overwatch 2 they face long queues and error messages due to DDoS attack. The head of Blizzard Entertainment sent out a few tweets assuring fans that the team is working on day one hiccups.

The early days of major multiplayer releases are often notoriously difficult for players and those behind the scenes trying to make things run smoothly. Unfortunately, Overwatch 2 Players struggle to get into servers, hit a weird “0 players ahead” error, and wait in long queues if they can get in at all.


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Blizzard Entertainment President Mike Ybarra has informed fans that the connection issues are caused by a massive DDoS attack. European servers are reportedly the most affected, but this may vary across regions. Ybarra apologized for the issues and assured players that Blizzard is working to get the servers running as intended.

There have been reports of other issues such as a lack of cosmetics and complications with players having to merge their Overwatch 2 Battenet Accounts. However, some fans have come up with a solution. PC players who can freely choose their servers were able to connect through the Asia servers. With the risk of these servers becoming overloaded and suffering from high ping rates, fans can jump into games and continue making the new Overwatch 2 Battle Pass levels. But success seems to vary for players.

There is no word on who is causing the DDoS attack and there may never be. As for why DDoS attacks happen, hackers probably want to spoil the first day of fun for players in a new game. However, this attack did not dampen interest in the game. So far, there are 400,000 people watching Overwatch 2 content creators who play the game on Twitch, who are also dealing with server issues. Most of them want to get the Kiriko skin from their Twitch watch time, but it still makes the game’s simulcast numbers look good. With more players having connection issues, that number is going down though.

With Overwatch 2 Finally, fans and detractors set up their websites on this day and both sides appeared. It’s annoying to have server problems on the first day. While gamers may be used to their online games having connection issues on day one or the day of major updates, a deliberate DDoS attack is a different battle.

Overwatch 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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