Overwatch 2 Total Mayhem makes Zarya basically invincible

A gameplay clip shared by one Overwatch 2 The player shows how Zarya is nearly invincible in the competitive shooter’s Total Mayhem mode. Balance is understandably going to be a precarious thing, with Overwatch 2 having just started. Not only has the game shifted from 6v6 teams to 5v5, but many heroes have seen substantial changes. Add to the mixture Overwatch 2Total Mayhem mode, which adds another layer of wacky balancing and it’s easy to imagine things unfolding.


Total Mayhem is a special Arcade game mode ported from Overwatch to Overwatch 2, available now as part of the sequel’s multiplayer launch. In Total Mayhem, all characters have a 75% cooldown buff (with some exceptions on certain abilities). Heroes have also had their health doubled to ensure players aren’t just one shot over and over again. It’s easy to imagine how these changes could make enough Overwatch characters very strong, but Zarya then-Overwatch 2 the balance changes are particularly strong.

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The gameplay clip shows Zarya standing still at a capture point in the middle of a Total Mayhem match. She is able to keep her bubble shield, her particle barrier, constantly renewed on her. It’s not for lack of trying either, as enemy Roadhog, Zarya, and Mei shoot her at close range at one point. Zarya’s shield doesn’t even come close to going down and regenerates quickly.

The first issue is that Zarya is, at a basic level, very strong in Total Mayhem. A 75% reduction allows Zarya to regenerate her shield every 2.5 seconds. The second issue is that, as part of Zarya Overwatch 2 friends, her shield now lasts 2.5s instead of 2s so she can keep her shield up permanently unless it breaks. The third issue is this other one Overwatch 2 The change gives Zarya two Charges of Particle Barrier, so she always has a bonus shield if her first bubble pops. This does not even mean that Zarya suffered for her health Overwatch 2.

To be fair, Zarya was already incredibly strong in Total Mayhem at base Overwatch. She wasn’t invincible, but she was very hard to kill and would do a lot of damage if targeted because of how her energy works. Blizzard never really cared because Total Mayhem is just for fun and isn’t supposed to be balanced. However, there is a line between too strong and completely broken.

Chances are Blizzard will make a change to Zarya for Total Mayhem in the future. It’s done the same for abilities like Ana’s Sleep Dart and Baptiste’s Immortality Field, after all. Meanwhile, if any Overwatch 2 Players should keep a point in Total Mayhem, Zarya seems like a strong choice.

Overwatch 2 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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