Patch 6.25 Release Date Revealed

Final Fantasy 14 players won’t have to wait long to explore the Variant and Criterion Dungeon and craft their Manderville Relic weapons in Patch 6.25.

Final Fantasy 14 just announced the release date for Patch 6.25, the minor content release for the Endwalker extension. Two new dungeon types, a new clan quest and the Endwalker Relic weapons will be available for Final Fantasy 14 players from Tuesday 18 October.

The patch announcement was made on Live Mail by the Producer during Final Fantasy 14 latest 14 hour broadcast. This patch marks the midpoint between patch 6.2, Buried Memoryand the currently anonymous patch 6.3.


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While interim patches like 6.25 are smaller than major content releases, there are plenty of things for players to look forward to in the update. The absurd stories of Gentleman Inspector Hildibrand Manderville continue in this patch and even tie into the Endwalker Relic Weapon quest, which will involve Hildibrand’s father, Godbert Manderville. A Tribal Questline featuring the robotic Omicrons is also coming for collector jobs. Finally, the Variant and Criterion dungeons arrive – the Sil’dihn Subterrane and Another Sil’dihn Subterrane. The first dungeon offers a casual, branching story experience for one to four players, while the second is a challenging version of the regular and Savage mode Variant dungeons.

The players are excited Final Fantasy 14 new patch coming so soon. Now this Final Fantasy 14 Players have had time to tackle Pandaemonium’s new raids and Extreme Trials, looking for new content to sink their teeth into while they wait for the next big release. These new dungeons and missions will give players something to whet their appetite until the next major patch.

With Patch 6.2 released almost exactly two months before 6.25, players can expect Patch 6.3 to arrive in late December or early January. In addition to a Main Scenario expansion, players can expect a new dungeon and Trial, an Ultimate duty, Alliance Raid and a Deep Dungeon, as well as further expansion of Final Fantasy 14 Task Support System and work balance. Players can expect to hear more about Patch 6.3 during the next Producer Live Letter, likely in November.

Final Fantasy 14 It has also just announced Fan Fest dates for 2023 and 2024. These events will be the first live Fan Fests since 2019 and promise to be the biggest yet due to Final Fantasy 14 increasing in popularity since then. Players can almost certainly expect an official announcement for the next one Final Fantasy 14 expansion during the first Fan Fest in Las Vegas on July 28.

Final Fantasy 14 is now available for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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