PlayStation Stars brings back the PS1 tech demo dinosaur as a digital collectible

Reference to the famous T. Rex tech demo for the original PlayStation.

The new PlayStation Stars loyalty program launched in Asia this week and will be rolling out to Europe and the US fairly soon, and those playing in Asian countries like Japan have given us a taste of how Stars will work.

PlayStation Stars is a free membership service that rewards users for completing a variety of campaigns and activities. Since it’s October, a new campaign has launched in Asia where the service is already live, and the reward for it goes back to a classic piece of PlayStation history (via PlayStation Fan).

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This October PlayStation Stars campaign is simple, users only need to play one PS4 or PS5 game. For doing this, PlayStation Stars rewards you with a digital collectible, the ‘PlayStation Tech Demo Tyrannosaurus Rex’.


Veteran PlayStation owners will remember that the original PlayStation launched with a tech demo that allowed gamers to view an animated, fully 3D T. Rex through their console on TV. For the time, it was considered quite impressive to have such seamless 3D graphics and with the ability to move the camera around the polygonal model as well. Now PlayStation Stars celebrates that history in the form of this digital collectible.

It’s not just that. It looks like the little digital figurine also references the Sly Cooper line as the T.Rex’s little arms hold a cane that’s the spitting image of the one the furry platform star holds. So you get two callbacks for the price of one. The caption for the collectible is also rather comical, but we’ll leave it unsaid so as not to spoil the surprise.

Sony has mentioned the famous tech demo in the past. The PS5 pack-in game Astro’s Playroom also features T. Rex, among other icons in PlayStation history. The pack-in game is a wonderful tribute to PlayStation history, and now PlayStation Stars seems to be moving in the same vein. However, whether the rewards program will be as happy as this game remains to be seen, especially as there have already been criticisms of its approach to customer service.

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