PlayStation Stars Reward includes T-Rex from the PS1 demo

Players can earn a special digital reward at PlayStation Stars program that is a direct reference to the PS1 Dinosaur tech demo. For the uninitiated, this PS1 tech demo was on a sampler disc when the original PlayStation console was about to be released. It was a technical marvel at the time, proving that the PS1 could render polygonal models, along with realistic textures and animations. All this was shown with a dinosaur moving through a black background, which is praised for being alive. It remains a nostalgic piece of PlayStation history, with many fans having fond memories of seeing it for the first time.


PlayStation is giving fans the chance to hold a piece of this iconic tech demo, awarded as a special digital reward trophy as part of the PlayStation Stars loyalty program. This program encourages players to participate in weekly challenges to win trophies, games and more. The more rewards you earn, the higher PlayStation Stars levels players will get. The PS Stars program is now live in Asia, with other locations to follow within the month, and fans can see that one of these PS Stars digital rewards is a love letter to the console’s legacy.

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As posted by Twitter user DarkClong, this trophy is awarded to PS Stars users who have played a PS4 or PS5 game in October. After completing this simple task, they’ll earn this trophy, which is described as a “scientifically accurate” mini-statue of the T-Rex from the Dinosaur PS1 tech demo. This dinosaur appears to be reaching over a tree, trying to eat an apple.

Oddly enough, this trophy also contains a reference to another PlayStation property, Sly Cooper, where the T-Rex holds the iconic staff. Some find the choice a little strange, seeing as the T-Rex and Sly Cooper Games are not linked in any way other than the platform they come from. Some hope this could open up potential paths to a new game, while others are more confused than anything else.

At the moment, fans can only view these PlayStation Stars Rewards through the PS app on their mobile device, with Sony having plans to integrate this feature to be accessible on the PS5 console. Many fans are hoping that this tech demo will be shown through this trophy, while another could be based on other PlayStation tech demos like the Manta Ray.

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