Pokemon Fan Creates New Dragonair Evolution

A Pokemon fan designed his own alternate evolution for the Dragon-Type pocket monster Dragonair that gave it an interesting typing.

ONE POKEMON The fan created an alternate evolution for one of the original 151 creatures. Fans of the RPG series enjoy creating their own local variations and alternate forms of various pocket monsters. This led to interesting fan-made Pokemon that could actually work in a game.

Dragonair was introduced for the first time Pokemon Red and Blue. It is part of the first Dragon-Type evolutionary series POKEMON and evolves into Dragonite, which was the first pseudo-legendary. An artist has come up with an alternate evolution for Dragonair that goes in a very different direction for the pocket monster.


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A Redditor named El-psy-congroo-01 shared an alternate evolution for Dragonair. The creature was named Dragon Bride and was made to be a Dragon/Fairy type Pokemon. Unlike Dragonite, the pocket monster retains Dragonair’s long snake-like body, as well as the gems on its neck and tail. However, the Dragonymph was given legs and its color palette changed from a dark body and light underside to a dark belly and light top. The creature’s horn has become much more pronounced and now has rainbow scales running along its body and the feathers above Dragonair’s eyes have been replaced with long eyebrows and the Pokemon has long whiskers.

A Reddit user known as Mathias_Greyjoy, who assigned El-psy-congroo-01 to help find the Dragonymph, explained the inspiration behind the Pokemon. The Redditor stated that they always struggled to see the connection between Dragonair and Dragonite and wanted to do a split evolution that felt more like a natural evolution for Dragonair. After studying the lore and inspiration of Dragonair, it felt right for Dragonymph to be a Dragon/Fairy-Type. Mathias_Greyjoy stated that they wanted to move away from winged dragons and were inspired by the eastern style of the mythical creature. The colors on the pocket monster’s body were reversed to achieve a palette that evokes images of unicorns, white gems, and other fringe-like motifs.

Dragonymph has gained quite a following, with El-psy-conrgroo-01’s post having over 12,000 upvotes. Commenters stated that they liked the Pokemon design and preferred it to the original Dragonair evolution as it seemed to fit the pocket monster better. One user mentioned that they would rather have more split evolutions instead of local variant Pokemon and listed some Pokemon that look like they could benefit from Game Freak using such a concept. Dragonymph is an impressive pocket monster and could easily fit into the lineup as a second pick for Dragonair.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18 for Nintendo Switch.

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