Pokemon fan makes awesome A Cappella version of Generation 1 music, sound effects

A Pokemon fan shows off his incredible vocal skills by making an acapella version of some of the Kanto region’s BGM and sound effects.

A die-hard POKEMON Fans recently shared their love for the franchise by making an a cappella version of the Kanto region’s background music and sound effects. For fans of the first generation of Pokemon and the first video games in the series, the fan acapella entertainment will likely bring back some nostalgic memories of the older titles.

The POKEMON The community always seems to have a soft spot for the Kanto region and Gen 1 pocket creatures. Many fans like to create unique versions of Gen 1 starters and place them in modern POKEMON video games. Others have favorite Pokemon from the first generation, and their love for these creatures shows in the abundance of fan-made artwork shared by the community online. Given how iconic the Kanto region and its Pokemon are, it’s no surprise that a fan would go the extra mile and actually make their BGM a cappella music.


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Sharing a short video clip on TikTok, user chrislombardiacapella showed off his unique vocal skills by making an a cappella version of the Kanto region’s background music and some of the game’s special sound effects. In the footage, the TikTok user can be seen making sounds with just his vocal chords alongside in-game footage Pokemon Red the Pokemon Blue. Fans will likely recognize Route 4’s background music and tune change when entering the famous Kanto region Cerulean City. Chrislombardiacapella also provides the sound effects for when the player goes to the Pokemon Center to heal their roster.

According to the TikTok user, Gen 1 and the Kanto region incite the most nostalgic feelings for them. And this is evident in the variety of a cappella musical arrangements they have created and inspired Pokemon Red the Blue. On their TikTok account, you can find background music for the creepy Kanto region Lavender Town, as well as sound effects of meeting wild Pokemon in the tall grass and the evolution of different Pokemon.

In total, POKEMON Fans who visit chrislombardiacapella’s account will likely find something they will enjoy listening to. The work of the TikTok user is not limited to the first generation of Pokemon. They also share a cappella music inspired by the Sinnoh region, POKEMON theme music of the player’s in-game opponents and more. Let’s hope the artist continues his incredible musical work when Pokemon Scarlet and Violet it’s coming out this year too.

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