Pokemon Fan makes impressive Koffing Claymation

A Pokemon fan makes an amazing articulation of the Poison-Type Pocking monster that shows it floating and expelling gas.

ONE POKEMON The fan created a clay that features one of the Poison-Types in the series, the Koffing. There are many forms of artwork featuring Nintendo creatures, including different types of animated videos. The fans have made POKEMON animation for quite some time, creating amazing pieces dedicated to the franchise.

Koffing was first introduced in Pokemon Red and Blue. It is one of the first Poison-Type creatures introduced in the series along with Weezing’s evolution. The pocket monster was the main member of James’ team in the POKEMON anime and appeared in several episodes. The artist has created an impressive clamation starring Koffing, showing some Poison-Type love.


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A Redditor named LazyLauy posted a short clip of an animation made by Koffing. The video shows the Pokemon hovering in the air, which has a smile, skull and crossbones on its stomach to help identify it. Gases blow from the pocket monster as it inhales and exhales, giving the creature a sense of life. The clay is amazing and is a nice piece of art for its fans POKEMON order to enjoy.

LazyLauy’s animation is well received. One fan called the claymation enjoyable, while another said it’s awesome. One Redditor mentioned that they don’t believe the piece was created with clay because of the peak distortion that can be seen in the clouds that Koffing shoots. Despite this, they stated that LazyLauy’s work is still very beautiful and well-made. The animation looks great and it’s nice to see a Pokemon from the original 151 still getting love and attention despite being over 25 years old.

The Koffing claymation created by LazyLauy is just one of the many animations that Game Freak’s RPG fans have created. A Redditor known as BobblaKei made a piece with Klawf from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet done in Generation 5 art style. The clip features the pocket monster against a turquoise background that moves slightly up and down as if breathing. The artist did a good job converting the original 3D design of the creature into a 2D style, as it looks like it could have come from Pokemon Black and White. Several features that can be associated with Klawf were recorded, including his bulging eyes and tufts of fur sticking out from different parts of his body.

Both LazyLauy and BobblaKei did a good job of showing players various pocket monsters in media that fans wouldn’t normally see them in, resulting in some great pieces to enjoy.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18 for Nintendo Switch.

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