Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fan draw their own version of Shiny Wiglett

A fan of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet sketches his own iteration of a shiny version of Wiglett, one of the game’s newest pocket monsters.

Lover of upcoming Nintendo Switch titles Pokemon Scarlet and Violet recently shared his own take on a glamorous version of Wiglett. Only recently revealed to the gaming public, the new Water-type Pokemon Wiglett has been the subject of many online fan theories and speculations that have likely led fans to use their imaginations to create their own graphics of the pocket monster.

With its start Pokemon Scarlet and Violet getting closer and closer, it’s no surprise that Nintendo is slowly revealing more of the new Pokemon of the Paldea region. However, the POKEMON The community likely found Wiglett’s reveal in late September quite interesting, given the mixed response fans have had towards the Water-type. Now, some fans consider Wiglett to be a fake regional Pokemon, though many still have enough fun with its design to still make fan art of the brand new creature.


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It was only a matter of time until a member of her Pokemon Scarlet and Violet The fanbase would make their own version of a glowing Wiglett. Redditor Positive-Extension15 did just that on the online forum, posting fan art of a different colored Wiglett to share with other fans of the upcoming titles. In their art, Wiglett’s white body has been turned a bluish silver, while his pink nose has been colored purple. The artist even added some yellow stars around the Pokemon to show that it is indeed a glowing version of the Water-type.

A comment on the Reddit thread indicated that the shiny version of Positive-Extension15’s new Water-type Pokemon Wiglett is a pocket monster that would definitely be on the lookout. Another comment pointed out that this Wiglett fan art reminds them of the Gen 1 Pokemon Diglett. Fans will likely remember that the glossy version of Diglett also has a similar purple nose. With Wiglett being inspired by Ground-type Pokemon, it’s no surprise that Positive-Extension15 is taking some traits from Diglett and using them in their fan art.

However, it is probably wiser for fans to wait until its official release Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to find out the true color scheme of a shiny Wiglett. Hopefully the fan art will be similar to the actual glossy version of the Water-type when the game launches. This will likely give fan artists a sense of validation, especially those making their own versions of the shiny Pokemon in the upcoming video game community.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18 for Nintendo Switch.

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