Priest’s Wife Arrested ‘Without Warrant’ For Misgendering

Britain’s vigilante police have come under fire again after arresting a priest’s mother-of-five for allegedly posting offensive remarks online.

On Monday, while cooking dinner for her family, Caroline Farrow – activist and outspoken critic of modern far-left gender ideology – was taken from her home, frisked ‘for drugs’ and arrested by Surrey Police.

“One minute I was making dinner for my kids and the next I was talking my socks off for drugs. This took a whole change. What an absolute waste of police time,” he said he said.

Ms Farrow claims officers entered her home “without a warrant”, sharing footage of what appears to be a large officer walking through her front door. She claimed officers then confiscated her electronic devices, including a tablet used by her disabled daughter to do homework and listen Harry Potter audio books.

Farrow told GB News she believed the arrest was a result of her disagreement with the gender awakening. But she claimed police showed her posts from an account on the social media platform KiwiFarms, which she denies operating, and says she was playing a church organ in public at the time of the posts.

Although she has not been formally charged with a crime, Farrow said she faces possible prosecution for harassment and malicious communications, saying, “If the (twitter argument) harassment is found to be motivated by someone’s protected characteristic, it’s up to 2 years in prison.”

In a statement, Interim Chief Inspector Detective Constable David Bentley said: “There has been significant feedback on social media about the circumstances behind this investigation. We are not at liberty to detail every stage of our investigations or the specifics of an allegation on social media, as it is critical not to pre-empt or prejudge any future proceedings at any stage.

“When we receive an allegation of crime, in this case where a grossly offensive message is said to have been shared, it is our job to assess it against any available evidence to determine whether an offense has been committed. If it has, we collect further evidence and conduct an investigation to prove or disprove the claim. This is exactly the procedure followed in this case.

“The investigation into these allegations is very much ongoing and related inquiries are ongoing. We have a duty to protect the integrity of an investigation, so we will not be commenting on this case at this time.”

Farrow, who serves as UK and Ireland director of the Catholic campaign website Citizen Go, said the experience with the police left her feeling “harassed and worried”.

“It’s scary that the police can take someone’s word for something and just come and arrest you. All they could say is “we had an allegation that needs to be investigated,” he said.

Criticizing the heightened police situation surrounding the speech, former Doctor Who Actor James Dreyfus, who was reportedly fired from his role for supporting JK Rowling, is described the incident as “unbelievably awful”, warning warning: “Please don’t for one moment think ‘This could never happen to me.’ IT IS DONE [and] any one of us could be next.”

The arrest came a day before Home Secretary Suella Braverman called for police forces to return to “common sense” policing and focus on real crimes such as violence, rape and burglary.

“We need to get back to common sense policing, empowering the Police to deal with the real issues facing the public – not policing pronouns on twitter or hate incidents without crimes,” Braverman said.

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