Rock Now Outtly Hinting “Black Adam” Will Have A Superman Cameo

We’re less than two weeks away from the release of Black Adam now, and presumably, the end of videos from The Rock promoting the movie shot from his mega-gym. But the latest in this ongoing series has caught the attention of fans because it seems to be pitching the idea that Black Adam will feature a cameo from Superman. Or at least the expectation it sets.


In the video, The Rock says that Black Adam is the most powerful and unstoppable force on this planet. But then he repeats “up This planet,” emphatically, and if that’s not enough, he just…winks at the camera.

While of course there are thousands of non-earth-based superheroes in DC that he could refer to, it is known that The Rock definitely wants Black Adam to take on Superman, highlighting the stature of what was supposed to be before him. by Shazam main villain adversary. But The Rock doesn’t seem to want to compromise with Billy, and wants to go straight to Clark Kent. He’s infamously drawn the ire of fans for saying that Black Adam could be better than Superman in the past, but I have no doubt that he did everything he could to secure Superman for this film, even if it’s just a cameo.


This is of course Henry Cavill’s DCEU Superman we’re referring to, someone else The Rock has praised in the past. Superman’s past appearances in the DCEU haven’t been… great. He appears without his face on Shazam’s tag. He appeared in shadow in the Peacemaker finale, while Ezra Miller and Jason Momoa actually appeared for cameos. And the last time we really saw him was in Justice League, where he had his famously CGI mustache removed.

That being said, the common perception is that Henry Cavill actually does I enjoy playing Superman and would like to return to the role again. And maybe The Rock made him an offer he couldn’t refuse to comeo here, and maybe there are plans in the works to bring him back properly. Although DC as a whole seems to be in a bit of a mess right now with no one steering the ship. Rock, for his part, is trying to steer that ship toward making Black Adam a key part of DC’s future, if not its absolute center.

Although The Rock doesn’t say anything explicit here, if Black Adam comes and goes without A Superman cameo at this point after hints like this, I imagine will disappoint fans. References to the quality of Black Adam are all over the place and at one point it appeared that The Rock himself was saying that it wasn’t good enough and they needed to keep working on it. But he seems quite content now.


Another two weeks and we’ll find out both its quality and box office draw, as well as whether these Superman hints are anything to go by.

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