“Sign up to be a poll worker”

Elizabeth Moore, vice president of PR and communications for Breitbart News, said on Monday’s edition of SiriusXM Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow that Republicans should work as poll watchers to protect the integrity of the election.

“My message to listeners today is to go to your local board of elections, register to be a poll worker, get trained and get yourself to the polls on election day so we can have eyes on the process,” said Moore.

Moore argued that participating in the election process as a poll worker is rewarding as a moral endeavor.

“You can expect to work from… 5:30 in the morning until 9:00 at night or later,” she shared, reflecting on her experience as a poll worker. “Needless to say, the nominal amount of money you get paid doesn’t reward you, but being a part of the process does.”

He emphasized the peace of mind he provides as a first-hand observer and protector of electoral integrity as a poll watcher.

“Knowing that you had your eyes on the election in your district or your poll and that the elections were fair and square, this is the reward,” he stressed. “I can’t tell you how important this is, because if you don’t show up at the polls, the Democrats will.”

Moore reflected, “[Democrats] they’re just very organized and dedicated, and Republicans — when they’re not involved in the same way — cede the process to Democrats, which we can’t afford to do.”

Moore noted the increased political organization of Democrats in the poll-watching sphere relative to Republicans.

Moore added: “The hard part is – at least where I live – there’s always a lot of Democrats willing to do the job, and there’s never enough Republicans.”

Moore advised conservatives to form groups — with family and friends — when volunteering to work as poll watchers. He also recommended that such volunteers ask their respective boards of elections to partner them with “experienced Republican poll workers” where applicable.

Marlowe said, “If the Democrats are more organized, then we make it a lot easier for people to cheat, and that’s very concerning.”

Moore illustrated the need for Republican poll watchers by sharing an experience in which an elderly woman who was visually impaired needed help to vote.

She herself recalled, “One thing I experienced, for example, was an old woman, who couldn’t see very well. [She] wanted help reading the ballot. Well, needless to say, a Democratic poll worker was hot on her heels to get this lady to the booth and help her out.”

“I was like, ‘Hold it right there. This situation requires a Republican and a Democrat to help this woman,” he said. “The Democrat is not allowed to go to the booth alone with the voter and help.”

He continued, “If I didn’t know the rules, this lady would have been helped by someone who probably had an agenda — I know, it’s hard to believe — and the poll was not at all happy that I insisted on going back to the booth with the two of them, but I did, and we let that woman vote her conscience without any interference from the poll workers, which is just as it should be, but it might not have been if I hadn’t been there. “

Moore concluded by stressing her appeal to Republicans to volunteer as poll watchers to fulfill their political duties.

“If we’re not there with eyes on the field to ensure fair play, you can almost be sure of unfair play,” he concluded. “Voting, asa citizen, it is your minimum duty, but please take it up by helping to ensure fair elections. Get educated, go to the polls and work the polls on Election Day.”

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