Skybound Making Invincible Video Games

Skybound Entertainment will begin making video games based on the Invincible franchise as part of the upcoming 20-year anniversary of the long-running comic book.

Skybound Entertainment has revealed plans to make video games based on Invincible privilege. The announcement was made earlier this week and will be part of the franchise’s upcoming 20-year anniversary next year. Skybound Entertainment, however, did not reveal any details about any upcoming ones Invincible game.

Originally published from 2003-2018, Invincible it was a sitcom he wrote The Walking Dead secretary, Robert Kirkman; Although popular with comic book fans, the series was not particularly well known in the mainstream until relatively recently. This was largely thanks to the launch of an animated series of the same name, which released its first season on Amazon Prime in 2021. This adaptation of Invincible has been hailed by some as the best superhero TV show of 2021 and is currently in the works for a second season.


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Since the Amazon series launched, the Invincible The franchise has exploded in popularity and many are wondering what’s next for the property. Recently, however, Skybound Entertainment revealed what was on its docket without giving too many details. As part of the comic’s 20th anniversary, the company revealed that a number of new projects were in the works for release in 2023. Among those projects is a Invincible video game. In the past, creator Robert Kirkman has teased that one Invincible The video game has been in the works, but this is the first time any kind of release/announcement window has been revealed. Skybound Entertainment has remained silent on any details about the game.

From Invincible was released on Amazon Prime, fans were clamoring for a game in the franchise or some sort of crossover with another. Some have suggested that Omni-Man should appear in Mortal Kombat series, with franchise co-creator Ed Boon backing the idea. Others still think the series should get its own Mortal KombatType fighting game, while others think it should go a different route.

Skybound Entertainment has, in the past, dipped its toes into the video game medium through its Skybound Games division. This branch of the company mainly undertook its development The Walking Dead: The Final Season after Telltale Games went bankrupt in 2018. Since then, the company has primarily stuck to publishing remasters of older PC games such as Baldur’s Gate games and its development The Walking Dead mobile games. How will Skybound Games approach one Invincible The game, at least for now, remains to be seen.

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