Skyrim Anniversary Edition players are reporting framerate and crashing issues on the Switch

Nintendo Switch players are reporting performance issues with Skyrim Anniversary Edition.

Nintendo Switch players were in for a surprise when The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Anniversary Edition was suddenly released on the system on Thursday this week. The game is sold as a standalone package or as an upgrade from the base game. However, Switch players are reporting issues with the Anniversary Edition.

On the Nintendo Switch subreddit, many players have reported issues, with the main issue being the very terrible framerate drops and frequent crashes (via Nintendo Life). “What’s worse is that if you just reinstall the vanilla game without the Anniversary Edition content, it’ll be silky smooth again, like it was before the update,” reads the top-rated comment on the thread. “Something must have gone terribly wrong with the plugins.”


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The Skyrim Anniversary Edition was first released last year on November 11th and was meant to mark the tenth anniversary of the perennially popular RPG and included next-gen upgrades for the PS5 and Xbox series consoles. While Switch owners may not get the same graphics and performance improvements, they can look forward to the additional game modes such as Survival Mode, new missions, enemies, weapons and mini-games such as fishing in the Anniversary Edition. They should be expected too, considering the cost of the standalone bundle at full price.

This makes the performance issues experienced by players frustrating to say the least. “The bugs are so bad,” commented another, in the subreddit thread. “I just started a new game because my 200 hour save can’t leave Winterhold without crashing the game.”

Over on the official Elder Scrolls Twitter account, the comments further added to the evidence that the Skyrim Anniversary Edition Switch port is having problems. One player said that since this release, there has been “severe framerate issues in some cities but mostly in Riften“.

With the number of players reporting these issues, hopefully Bethesda can clear them up with a patch soon, although players may have been waiting for a more polished version for this new version of an old game. Meanwhile, some Switch players are advising to stick with the base game for now until the Anniversary Edition issues are fixed.

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