‘SNL’ sends contestants over the edge with ‘So You Think You Won’t Snap!’


“Saturday Night Live” opened its show this week by testing the temperament of contestants who read news headlines in a game show called “So You Think You Won’t Snap!”

“Have you noticed that everyone around you is angry and mad? People are breaking out at Target, the knife is back, and the only thing that can cheer us up is watching a hot show about Jeffrey Dahmer,” said host Morgan Freegirl, played by Bowen Yang, referring to a pair of recent true crime shows on Netflix. “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” and “Conversations with a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes.”

“We live on the edge and tonight I’m here to push us as we play ‘So You Think You Won’t Snap!'” says Bowen’s Freegirl.

The fictional game show brought together a group of contestants it called “the only people in America who haven’t made a video yet.”

One of the contestants, Kayla, played by Chloe Fineman, is a mom who says she’s weird. He tells Freegirl that he has four children and doesn’t have time to worry about anything else.

Kayla then reads a series of headlines about Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker and a study that found “86% of kids today say that when they grow up, their dream job is influence.”

Growing increasingly agitated, Fineman’s Kayla says, “It sounds dumb, but my kids are into video games.”

Next, Yang’s Freegirl shows a clip from the “Super Mario Bros. Movie” trailer released this week, in which Chris Pratt voices the game’s iconic Italian plumber Mario.

“He’s supposed to be Italian! That’s like his whole thing,” exclaims Kayla after hearing Pratt’s performance. He then snaps and hits a flight attendant standing nearby.

The next contestant is Dale, played by Kenan Thompson, who is placed in front of a table of things that he can easily sweep to the ground. Yang’s Freegirl begins by saying, “This week, Elon Musk…” before being interrupted by Dale screaming and sweeping all the breakables off the table. “That man needs to shut up!” Thompson’s Dale shouts.

After sending another contestant aside with headlines about Kanye West’s recent fashion show, in which he and several black models dressed up in ‘White Lives Matter’ shirts, Yang’s Freegirl teased, “When we come back, we show an 80-year-old man an episode of “Euphoria”.

The sketch’s cast then assembled for the show’s signature catchphrase, “Live… from New York. It’s Saturday night!”

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