Sonic Frontiers Soundtrack is out in December, Contains 150 songs

Its composer Sonic Frontiers confirms that the game’s soundtrack will be available for physical purchase as well as digital streaming later this December. Not only that, the soundtrack will contain 150 songs for you to listen to. Sonic Frontiers it’s only about a month away from release now, and Sega has done quite a bit over the last few months to promote the game. This includes several new trailers and demos of the game at industry events, showcasing open-zone gameplay, mechanics, and even music.


Earlier in September, Sega revealed both the main and final voice themes Sonic Frontiers, these are “I’m Here” and “Vandalize” respectively. They are both punk-rock anthems, giving a melancholic edge that matches the atmosphere and mood of the Sonic Frontiers. The Spotify version of “I’m Here” even includes the full Starfall Islands theme for fans to listen to. The game’s composer, Tomoya Ohtani, recently announced that the game’s soundtrack will be available for purchase and digital streaming after its release in November.

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According to Ohtani’s tweet, the soundtrack will be available for streaming internationally. Not only that, this soundtrack will consist of 150 songs, which include Sonic Frontiers“Main vocal theme to ‘I’m Here.’” The official tweet from the Japanese Sonic The Twitter account notes that a physical release of this soundtrack, titled “Stillness & Motion,” will be released on December 7, 2022.

The announcement from Sega notes that digital streaming services will have access to the songs during or after the physical release of the soundtrack. With Sonic FrontiersThe soundtrack will contain 150 songs, be distributed on six CDs, and sell for 8000 yen, or about US$55. There will be some extra goodies included in this edition, which includes a 40-page booklet, a special case and commentary from members of the audio team.

Many fans were surprised at the number of songs included, noting how this could be one of the biggest soundtracks ever Sonic had a series until today. In comparison, the last main line entry, Sonic Forces, contained 87 songs, including songs specific to the scenes along with the plethora of scene themes. With every stage of cyberspace Sonic Frontiers Having a unique piece of music, along with the multiple scenes, stages, islands and bosses to fight in the game, it’s possible that the soundtrack will feel large and varied.

Sonic Frontiers will be released on November 8 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Sega

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