[SPOILER] Finally they make their appearance

The Straw Hats’ next adventure has already begun, and as expected, they suffered an early hiccup en route to their next destination. In One piece chapter 1060, the Straw Hats are seen moving towards an island in very bad weather.

Their journey was turbulent, and they had to change clothes as the climate on that particular island was extremely cold. Jimbei and Nami had to work together to steer the ship away from any potential dangers. When they escaped the horrible ocean currents, they faced another cumbersome problem. The only difference was that this time it wasn’t natural.


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The awesome creation

In One piece chapter 1061, Luffy, Chopper, and Bonney were thrown into the sea by the strong winds that came out once Zoro cut Eddy. Normally, it would have been an easy rescue for the Straw Hats, but this time the water was infested with a mechanical shark so huge it dwarfed the Thousand Sunny. The shark engineer tried to devour the ship, but failed. So, he decided to attack using missiles.

The Straw Hats were completely unaware that the shark was equipped with weapons, so they could not prepare for the attack. Once the missiles made contact, the Thousand Sunny capsized and the crew fell into the sea. Given the conditions, the crew couldn’t do much, so they had to rely on fate to save them. Luckily, a giant robot appeared and hit the shark. He then raised the Thousand Sunny and a person came out of the robot, and claimed to be Dr. Vegapunk.

The smartest person in the world

Seeing Dr. Vegapunk for the first time in the series is monumental. Over the course of the series, the name has been mentioned several times, but never appeared until the most recent chapter. Dr. Vegapunk is a very important figure in the One piece world and their appearance at this point in the series can only mean one thing – its finale One piece has officially started. The appearance of Dr. Vegapunk means there isn’t much time left for readers to learn about the devil fruit’s origins. In an interview with SBS, Oda confirmed that the truth about the devil fruit will be revealed once a professor appears in the story.

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In this answer, Oda clearly talks about Dr. Vegapunk since their understanding of devil fruits is on another level compared to any other person in the series. The achievements of the genius scientist speak for themselves. He managed to feed inanimate things with devil fruits, a feat considered impossible for anyone else, and they managed to create a perfect copy of Kaido’s devil fruit. Vegapunk is also the person behind the creation of the original Pacifista that was equipped with Kizaru’s laser. Vegapunk didn’t stop there and decided to modify the Pacifista. These new Pacifistas are called Seraphim and are much more powerful than their previous versions. It has also been mentioned in the story that Dr. Vegapunk has successfully mastered the lineage factor. All of these things are undoubtedly very important to the story, and Dr. Vegapunk could help unravel the mysteries behind them.

Who is Vegapunk?

In the chapter, Dr. Vegapunk had the body of a woman, which confused many readers, as in the past, Vegapunk was always called an old man. In the anime, Vegapunk’s voice sounded like a man, which raises even more eyebrows about the person’s claim. So does that mean the anime was wrong? The answer is no. It’s possible that after revealing the secrets of the Lineage factor, Vegapunk thought of modifying their existing body and for them it wouldn’t be a problem since they’ve accomplished much greater tasks.

However, fans haven’t fully bought this explanation. Another popular belief among some of the readers is that the person could actually be Vegapunk’s daughter, who could have been created by the scientist using the Lineage factor. However, this idea is incorrect as it would not make sense for Vegapunk’s daughter to call herself Dr. Vegapunk, instead of using her own name.

There is some strong evidence that the person is another creation of Dr. Vegapunk. In the chapter, all of Vegapunk’s mechanical creations seemed to have a number engraved on them. The mechanical shark was number 3, the giant robot was number 12, and the person claiming to be Dr. Vegapunk had the number 2 emblazoned on his suit.

This heavily implies that he is actually a cyborg created by Vegapunk, or he could be the original Seraphim. As it stands, the person who came out of the robot is Dr. Vegapunk, and Bonney seems to hold a grudge against her. There is no doubt that the truth behind Vegapunk’s identity will be revealed in the coming chapters, and Oda will give readers a perfectly logical explanation.

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