Stunning Unreal Engine 5 video showcases the medieval city

A developer fan shows off his stunning recreation of a medieval city created using Epic’s Unreal Engine 5 in a new video.

In a new video posted online, a developer showed off a detailed and graphically impressive rendering of a medieval city created in Unreal Engine 5. There’s been a flood of trailers using Unreal Engine 5 lately, both for demos like this one and for full games intended for release, and it is even rumored that Halo Developer 343 Industries will use the Unreal Engine for its titles in the future.

Epic Games’ original Unreal Engine was a graphics powerhouse when it was first used to create the legendary 1998 first-person shooter Fantastic, featuring state-of-the-art features such as color lighting and collision detection. More and more developers started using Unreal Engine in the following years, but it wasn’t until Unreal Engine 3 debuted with the 2006 release of the Xbox classic Gears of War that Unreal Engine became the juggernaut it is today. The current version of the engine, Unreal Engine 4, powers games ranging from Street Fighter V in the racing title Assetto Corsa Competizione and is designed to work on everything from mobile phones to consoles and computers.


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Made using the latest version of the engine, Unreal Engine 5, the short video posted to YouTube by user Ayşu Aydın features a medieval city and is backed by suitably epic fantasy music. Aydın has previously released other videos created in Unreal Engine 5, including demos of an atmospheric cave and a tranquil mountain road. As the camera pans across the dark medieval town created for this trailer, the candles flickering in the lanterns hanging from the rafters jutting out of the wooden buildings, we see a setting that looks right at home in the next Elder Scrolls game. In fact, players have already seen a creative developer showing his version of what The Elder Scrolls 6 it could look like Unreal Engine 5.

The trailer from Ayşu Aydın, while short at just over 30 seconds in length, does a good job of showing off the realistic lighting that developers can create using Unreal Engine 5’s Lumen global lighting system. This is highlighted most impressively when the camera pans downtown, highlighting dust floating in a beam of light peeking out from behind a building. Other developers have opted for a more rustic setting when creating demos using the engine, with a recent impressive video showing a highly realistic forest created in Unreal Engine 5.

The fact that solo developers can create incredible worlds like this using Unreal Engine 5, a process that would once have required a team of a dozen or more people, represents a giant leap forward for game development. By creating a set of tools that makes it easy to create detailed, beautiful worlds for everyone from solo developers to major studios, Epic Games hopes to maintain its dominance in the gaming industry with Unreal Engine 5. And with great upcoming titles like Tekken 8 already running on Unreal Engine 5, players have a lot more eyes to look forward to.

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