Sweden stops recommending coronavirus vaccine for children

The Swedish Public Health Authority has stopped recommending that healthy children aged 12 to 17 get the Chinese coronavirus vaccine and that only children in special circumstances should be vaccinated from now on.

The Public Health Authority (FHM) has acknowledged that too few healthy children in Sweden have developed severe cases of the coronavirus and has ended its recommendation that children receive coronavirus vaccines.

Sören Andersson, head of unit at the Public Health Authority, commented on the change in policy, telling broadcaster SVT: “Overall, we see that the need for care as a result of COVID-19 was low among children and young people during the pandemic and has also declined since the omicron virus variant began to spread.”

“At this stage of the pandemic, we don’t see a continued need for vaccination in this group,” Anderson added.

The new policy is due to take effect in early November. Adults over 65 and over-18s with health complications are still recommended to get another dose of the coronavirus vaccine before the winter months, according to the FHM.

European Medicines Agency (EMA) chief medical officer Steffen Thirstrup said just last week that the coronavirus pandemic is not over, despite US President Joe Biden’s statement claiming it is over.

“We in Europe still consider the pandemic as ongoing and it is important that member states prepare for the release of vaccines and especially adaptive vaccines to prevent further spread of this disease in Europe,” the European Union regulator said.

While some European countries are pushing their residents to get booster doses of the vaccine, the actual number of people getting the shots has plummeted across much of Europe in recent months as countries have largely lifted previous coronavirus restrictions .

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