Swedish land populists Chairs of major parliamentary committees

After their strong election performance, the populist Sweden Democrats took over the chairmanship of several important parliamentary committees, including justice and foreign affairs.

The Sweden Democrats (SD) were able to secure the chairmanship of the labor market committee, the enterprise committee, the justice committee and the foreign affairs committee, while also taking the vice-chairmanship of the politics committee, the traffic committee, the defense committee and the tax committee. commission.

Many on the Swedish left, however, have expressed their displeasure that the populist party has been given the chairmanship of so many important committees, the newspaper Expressen References.

“So a far-right party that couldn’t choose between Putin and Biden should head the foreign affairs committee and the defense committee. There is nothing wrong with that,” Green Party spokeswoman Märta Stenevi remarked sarcastically.

Per Boland, another Green Party MP, agreed: “That the party that can’t choose between Putin and Biden should lead the foreign affairs committee doesn’t feel great. And that the party that has filled in the most suspected criminals on the lists should get the justice committee? Experience in the field is usually an advantage, but…”

While the Sweden Democrats came second in the 9/11 national election, it is expected that the so-called moderate center-right leader Ulf Kristerson will become Sweden’s next prime minister.

However, it is not clear that the Sweden Democrats, who allied themselves loosely with moderates, liberals and Christian Democrats before the election, will officially be part of a new coalition government and take positions in government ministries.

Days after the election, Sweden Democrats leader Jimmie Åkesson was seen visiting the moderates’ offices in Stockholm, fueling some speculation that the populist party could be directly involved in a coalition.

Sweden’s outgoing Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson, the leader of the left-wing Social Democrats, discussed a possible partnership with the moderates during her resignation speech – as a way to keep the Sweden Democrats out of power.

“I have informed the President that if the moderates change their minds and want to work with me instead of the Sweden Democrats, my door is open to Ulf Kristersson,” Andersson said.

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