The best products to stop your cat from scratching your furniture in 2022

Cats scratch. They scratch to communicate and claim their possessions. They scratch to stretch and condition their nails. They scratch because it’s a natural, instinctual behavior — not because they have ulterior motives for destroying your furniture.

There are several reasons why a cat may be attracted to scratching furniture. Some don’t have healthy alternative scratches or patches or don’t have them in the right locations. Others enjoy the height of furniture or the feeling of scratching a sofa or rug. Whatever the reason, preventing your cat from engaging in the unwanted behavior while offering more attractive scratching alternatives is the intervention your damaged furniture needs.

To find the best products to protect furniture from cat scratching, we spoke to vets and cat behavior experts and tested 17 products to prevent destructive scratching. Read more about our testing process at the end of this guide.

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The best products to protect your furniture from cat scratching in 2022

The best product for furniture protection overall: Scratcher Squared Sofa, available at Amazon and Chewy, starting at $52.94
Part furniture protector, part scratching post, the Sofa Scratcher does double duty to protect furniture from destruction.

Best Cat Scratch Post: On2Pets Skyline Sisal Cat Scratching Post, available at Target and Petco, $49.99
The On2Pets Skyline Sisal Cat Scratching Post has three poles and a wide grass-covered base for happy vertical and horizontal scratching.

The best cat guard for furniture: Clawguard Furniture Shields, available at Amazon and Clawguard, starting at $14.95
Clawguard furniture shields are an easy-to-install, semi-permanent solution to protecting furniture and carpet from a cat’s claws.

Best Cat Scratch Tape: Sticky Paws on a Roll Furniture Strips, available at Chewy and Amazon, $12.10
Sticky Paws On a Roll temporarily prevents a cat from wreaking havoc by making furniture too sticky to scratch for pleasure.

The Best Floor Scratcher for Cats: Our Pet Scratcher Double Wide, available at Chewy and Amazon, $12.50
Our Pets Double-Wide Cat Scratcher satisfies even timid cats with its simple design.

Best Cat Claw Clippers: Soft Claws Cat Nail Caps, available at Chewy and Amazon, starting at $7.90
Soft Claws Cat Nail Caps allow your cat to scratch and use their paws naturally without causing damage to your furniture.

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