The Dead Space Remake gameplay trailer will be released tomorrow

Via Twitter, it was confirmed that an official first look at Dead space the remake will happen tomorrow. A short tweet featuring monstrous creatures and disturbing environments common to them Dead space The franchise is enticing fans to stay tuned on Twitter for a gameplay reveal of the remakes.

Just a few days ago, EA subsidiary Motive Studios released screenshots of the highly anticipated Dead space remake. This, along with digital storefront listings suggest that more teaser content would be coming, keeping content-hungry fans satiated until the game’s proposed January 2023 release date. The screenshots revealed the terrifying necromorph and featured its iconic Plasma Cutter Isaac. A screenshot appeared to reveal a previously unmentioned zero-gravity section of the game.


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This new tweet, which went out shortly after noon on October 3rd, stated that a trailer would be revealed at 8am. Pacific Standard Time tomorrow, October 4th. This is the first time fans will get a chance to see it Dead space remake in action. Several days ago, players learned that the Dead space The remake will have no loading screens and will feature a single-shot camera style reminiscent of Sony’s popular one God of War restart. EA Motive, the studio developing the remake, is known for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and Star Wars: Squadrons. Overall, the studio has been rather quiet about the game.

Developer Motive Studios said it will honor the legacy of the original Dead space game. For many, Dead space is considered one of the best sci-fi horror games of a generation, which means Motive Studios have huge shoes to fill, and they’ve promised a number of improvements over the original formula. Dead space Creative director Roman Campos-Oriola is quoted as saying, “someone has to reinvent it Dead space for the first time, while at the same time I find it familiar and recognizable.” He then promised: “First, we will honor the legacy.”

Two days ago a trailer was announced for the Dead space The remake was forthcoming, but until today’s tweet players had a specific time, date and place to watch the trailer when it went live. A tweet containing a strange image and initially discussing teaser content was later discovered to be a QR code. After scanning the code, users were sent to an Instagram page called thebench, which recreates USG Ishimaru’s comms team. Various nodes on the page linked to images, as part of an Instagram story. As users unlock each node, more images are revealed, eventually leading to a teaser trailer announced today.

The Instagram page suggests that there are 11 more items waiting to be unlocked until the game’s release. According to today’s tweet, tomorrow’s trailer is much simpler, and all fans need to do is point their browser to the official Dead space Twitter page.

Dead space will be released on January 27, 2023 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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