The Fallout Fan Project will turn the original game into a Doom-style FPS

A group of modders takes the prototype Fallout game and turning it into a post-apocalyptic one Fate clone, with an emphasis on that 90s FPS aesthetic. With Fallout 5 currently in development, Bethesda seems eager to move forward with the franchise. However, it seems that the fan base still has a lot of love for the older entries, especially since the entire series will celebrate 25 years of existence on October 10, and many will no doubt be looking forward to this mash-up.


The original installment of the long-running franchise was released in 1997 and was developed by Interplay. The first two games were something of a cult following, with isometric graphics and a greater focus on story and stat building. With Bethesda taking over in 2008 Fallout 3 and beyond that, the series has seen a huge turn towards commercial success, but some haven’t forgotten where it all started. In fact, some would say that Fallout 1 and 2 they deserve a remake, perhaps as a means of broadening its appeal to younger players who never got around to playing them in the first round.

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In the meantime, there is Fallout: Bakersfieldwhich is created by several developers, including Alexander Berezen, who is an artist responsible for some Fallout mods. A teaser trailer shows that this latest project will be a mix of the game’s style and world with a nod to classic FPS games like Fate. The clip shows the player, from a first-person perspective rather than an isometric one, shooting and hitting zombies, and it looks pretty exciting. Currently, there is no proposed release date for Bakersfieldthough a brief flash of text on the screen talks about the settlement of Bakersfield and mentions the date October 23, 2077, marking the start of the Great War in Fallout timetable. As such, it might not mean anything in regards to the mod, but it could possibly hint at some more details coming on that date, though probably not in the year 2077.

Either way, it will be a fun experience if the mod gets a full release. The classical era Fate Clones is one that many will remember from a bygone era of gaming. Such titles as Hexen, Duke Nukem 3Dand Blood it’s a nostalgia trip for older gamers. Of course, in recent years there has been a resurgence of retro-style first-person shooters, and there is no doubt about it Bakersfield can slide right into this new era while honoring two and a half decades of it Fallout privilege.

As for the initial release, Fallout 1 is a beloved RPG from the 90s, with its incredible storytelling, engaging dialogue, and a sense of satire that some of the current entries don’t quite touch, except New Vegas. Hence, the chance to see it return as a Fate-The FPS style is definitely one that fans will want to keep a close eye on.

The original Fallout released in 1997 for PC.

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Source: PCGamesN

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