The Last of Us fan uses photo mode to recreate scenes from HBO series trailer

A fan of The Last of Us is sharing his results of trying to capture comparison shots of the game and the show’s trailer on social media.

One fan took it upon himself to try to find as many similarities between the HBO trailer The last of us series and what’s currently in the PS5 remake. Thanks to The Last of Us Part 1With its photo mode and updated graphics, they’ve managed to find a surprising number of side-by-side comparison shots and have shared their findings on Twitter.

His fans The last of us praised the first trailer for the HBO series for using many of the same elements of its source material. From bringing back the song used in the original game’s first trailer in 2012 to the atmosphere of the live-action scenes and other elements, the nostalgia that The last of us Fans felt during this trailer made some feel optimistic about the TV series. As some fans simply let their nostalgia draw the comparisons, one fan used the newly released The Last of Us: Part 1the photo mode to go the extra mile to see how many scenes from the game could match the trailer.


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Twitter user NoblePhoenixVP shared some screenshots of how many of them The Last of Us: Part 1The gameplay scenes could match the HBO Max trailer. The results are not only strikingly similar but abundant. There are 9 tweets with comparisons between the game and the TV show trailer. The trailer isn’t a 1-for-1 remake of the game, nor should it be expected to be, but the footage found by NoblePhoenix’s VP shows the dedication to recreating some iconic scenes and moments from the source material.

The comparison shot of Joel Miller’s broken watch is extremely good. As well as Joel’s University downloads, Ellie’s fun filled and Clicker. The makeup in the clicker version of the show doesn’t cut corners as it recreates the horrific mutation the fungus does to people in this world. Not everything is perfect, as NoblePhoenixVP says later in the thread. They couldn’t find the perfect angle for some scenes and some were changed for the HBO series, so they came up with the next best alternative. For example, a different angle of Joel, Tess and Ellie hiding from the army had to be used for this comparison shot.

At the end of the thread, they credit The Last of Us: Part 1her lighting tool to make the shot look perfect and as close to the TV show trailer as possible. Overall, the recreations of the photo mode are very good, and NoblePhoenixVP should be commended for his work in painstakingly finding the right shots and sharing them with the community.

The Last of Us: Part 1 is now available on PS5. The last of us The TV series debuts on HBO in 2023.

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