The Mets might be enough

NEW YORK — Heading into Game 2 of the National League wild-card series, the Mets they reminded themselves who they are: the Mets. At one time this designation may have brought contempt. But now he pointed to a 101-win team comprised of a starting rotation that struck out batters more often than any other (9.42 per nine innings), the best closer in the sport (Edwin Díaz, whose 50.2% in hits tied for best in history, at least 60 innings) and a lineup that finished second in the NL in on-base percentage (.332, one unit behind Dodgers).

So when they told each other to play like the Mets, that meant playing with confidence. And it meant victory.

They brought it up in hitters’ meetings, in the clubhouse, in the dugout.

“It was just really good ball talk between friends,” first baseman Pete Alonso said.

So in the wake of Saturday’s 7-3 win over the Padres To force a winner-takes-all Game 3, they had two things to celebrate: that they had won and that they had done it like they had all season.

“We tried to play like us,” shortstop Francisco Lindor said. “It’s just baseball. We have good days. We have bad days. We try to eliminate as many bad days as possible and try to have more good days. We played a lot like the Mets today. We put the ball in play. We’re running the bases right. We play good defense. We fly. We stay together and win together.”

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