The Overwatch 2 Bastion Bug does its ultimate Overpowered

His launch Overwatch 2 it has come with its fair share of problems, and the latter can prove particularly frustrating for those battling Bastion, as its Ultimate ability is broken. Hopefully Blizzard will prioritize a fix for this Overwatch 2 issue, as it seems like one of the most annoying ones ever.

Those who played the original Overwatch you’ll remember that Bastion had a different Ultimate, as he previously transformed into a Tank to launch explosives at his opponents. Bastion has since been redesigned to make him more viable, gaining more movement options and a new Grenade ability. The changes have also extended to his Ultimate, as Bastion will now transform into a static artillery cannon and fire three rounds at select points on the map. However, a new bug is getting to the point where much more than three rounds can be fired.


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This news Overwatch 2 The problem was pointed out by Reddit user ILCaponchi, who shows the bug in action while sitting in the practice area. After activating the Ultimate, the first two shots are placed normally, with the player then placing the third on one of the training bots. However, once the third circle appears, the Redditor is free to spam the fire button and initiate multiple shots where the third circle was placed. Considering this Ultimate is only meant to have three shots, this is understandably a big problem.

What makes this bug interesting is that Bastion’s new Ultimate is widely regarded as the worst part of his updated kit. Essentially, Bastion’s artillery has gone from useless to deadly thanks to this bug, sparking a discussion about potential buffs. Currently, Artillery raids are a two-shot kill for most heroes, which is a big deal since they’re so easily avoidable. Not only do huge circles appear on the ground for a few seconds, giving players a warning to run away, but Bastion’s Ult activation noise makes it very clear to the enemy team that they need to scatter before the bombs fall.

Regardless, this bug is clearly a big deal, with several commenters reporting that they’ve encountered artillery spam in their games. Considering players will likely run back to the area where the third hit hit, waiting for the barrage to end, a lot of cheap deaths could happen as a result of this broken Ultimate. Several commenters were quick to criticize the existence of this bug and several other issues – such as Mei’s broken abilities – sharing their frustration with the game’s release.

Although Overwatch 2Its server maintenance has helped resolve some of the issues players are experiencing, while several others remain. Hopefully Blizzard will release a patch soon to address Bastion’s broken Ultimate and other community concerns.

Overwatch 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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