The “Overwatch 2” team has been dealing with some server issues, but you’ll have to wait in lines for now

Overwatch 2 he could hardly have had a tougher launch day. There were significant server issues, with players having to endure long queues to get in. The servers were also hit with two DDoS attacks, which required an “all hands on deck” response from Overwatch club.

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In an update, Overwatch 2 Community manager Jodie Grace noted that Blizzard has addressed some of the issues and is in the process of taking care of other issues. However, for now, you’ll probably have to endure queues as you try to get into the game.

Blizzard has fixed a server that plays a key role in the login process, which will make the login process more reliable. Another server update is underway, which is expected to reduce the number of disconnections players experience in the game.

While you wait to enter Overwatch 2, many players have seen the number of people ahead of them in the queue fluctuate. I’ve seen it go from 40,000 to 2,000 and back again. There is a reason for this.

“This is because there are two queues for players – one through and then one through the game itself,” Grace wrote. “This process is normally invisible to players, but it was showing in real time. We’ve made changes to simplify the queuing process, so players should now only experience the one queue before entering the game.”

Additionally, Blizzard is adding more nodes to reduce the pressure on the player database, which is becoming overloaded. This was creating a backup in the login queue, which resulted in some people dropping out of the queue or being unable to login. However, adding more nodes will take some time. Developers and engineers are taking it slow to avoid additional disruptions.

While Blizzard handles this, it needs to limit throttle queues “to protect the player database as much as we can while we scale – this is ugly in the short term, but once it’s done, it will greatly improve the experience for players on multiple fronts moving forward.” , Grace noted.

Elsewhere, there was an update on missing cosmetics and progress due to account merging issues. Good news: you haven’t actually lost any items or progress. Grace noted that, in about half of the reported cases, players have not completed the account merging process.

There was an error that meant the boot version Overwatch 2 the merge account prompt did not appear on some consoles. Blizzard rolled out a fix for one aspect of this today and is working to fix other UI issues.

If you’ve gone through the account merge process and noticed some of your items are missing, it’s because it’s taking longer than expected for the systems to transfer everything from Overwatch 1. Blizzard will be rolling out a client-side fix for this next week (can’t do it until then). In the meantime, he’s looking into server-side fixes.

Finally, many players come from Overwatch 1 found that heroes and items that shouldn’t be locked were locked. This is because these players accidentally entered the new user experience. Logging out and back in should fix this (if you don’t mind possibly having to wait in a long queue to get back in).

Grace added that the opening day DDoS attacks exacerbated all of these problems, but noted that there had been no further attacks since last night.

Hopefully, many of the issues that plagued the game in the beginning will clear up and you can connect with more ease very soon. Blizzard can right the ship quickly so we can all just enjoy a very fun video game.

Meanwhile, most players come from Overwatch 1 they will no longer need to add a phone number to their account. More details here:

MORE FROM FORBESThe “Overwatch 2” team has been dealing with some server issues, but you’ll have to wait in lines for now

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