The Premier League is bringing back its anti-racism campaign

The English Premier League has brought back the Black Lives Matter-inspired virtue signal of taking a knee before matches this week to mark Black History Month.

Although Black Lives Matter has been widely discredited, with leaders of the far-left Marxist movement accused of using the huge sums of money raised to enrich themselves, the Premier League has decided to once again perform the BLM-inspired pre-match pose between October 8 and 16.

The top tier of the English football system had previously scrapped the performance gesture, which had become a feature before every match following the death of George Floyd in America in 2020. In August, a decision was made leading players to take a knee only during during important moments, with the belief that “less is more”.

Therefore, to mark Black History Month, which takes place in October in the UK, the Premier League has launched a ‘No Room For Racism’ campaign in which players will once again kneel before kick-off.

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters said: “Tackling racism and all forms of discrimination is always a priority for the Premier League and our clubs. We urge everyone to play their part and show that racial prejudice is not acceptable in football or in wider society.

“We support the players’ decision to take a knee at certain times of the season and will use these matches to further promote anti-discrimination and educate fans.

“We continue to work hard to tackle discrimination and improve opportunities within the game, in line with the No Room for Racism Action Plan.

“We know that more can be done to remove barriers to make football more inclusive and that football will benefit from greater diversity across all areas of the sport.”

In addition to the kneeling players, all Premier League matches over the next two weekends will feature a ‘No Room For Racism’ message.

The league said players would take a knee at further No Room For Racism match days, the final day of the Premier League season and the FA Cup and EFL Cup finals. They also said they would take a knee at the “Boxing Day matches after the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar” although not during the cup itself, which is ironic given the use of actual modern day slave labor in the construction of the magnificent stadiums for the World Cup to be held in.

Mocking the return of the BLM pose, Breitbart’s star My son, Hunter, Laurence Fox said: “Kneeling millionaires are back!”

“This time in the name of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion. Knee to Communism, by ball chasers on £100k a week. What’s not to love!” Fox he joked.

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