The Steam Deck video with the Switch emulator has been deleted by Valve

Valve quickly took offline a trailer for the Steam Deck laptop that advertised it with Nintendo Switch Yuzu Emulator. The Steam Deck has been advertised as a fully capable PC since it was first announced, meaning buyers will be able to install the software of their choice regardless of whether it’s approved by Valve. Valve had only featured products available on Steam installed on the Steam Deck in its own ad. However, this has recently changed.


The ad in question was a short video announcing that the Steam Deck is “available now, no reservation!” The video details many of the Steam Deck features. It’s during a short segment that mentions improvements to Steam Deck’s offline functionality that several apps installed on a Steam Deck are shown. these include Fae TacticsVampire Survivors, Tunicand Hades. It also shows Yuzu, however, is a third-party Nintendo Switch emulator that allows users to run unofficial Switch digital files.

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Initially, many PC gamers and Steam Deck users assumed that this was a deliberate choice by Valve. Emulation is a very popular use for the Steam Deck, after all. However, promoting the emulation of Nintendo Switch games, which Nintendo would most likely describe as illegal, would be particularly brazen for Valve. Unsurprisingly, that video has now been taken down and any indication of Yuzu running on a Steam Deck has been completely scrubbed.

It should be clear that Valve is not likely to face any legal trouble. Downloading, installing and running the Yuzu app is not a crime, and Nintendo has not taken legal action against the emulator so far. It’s the process of converting Nintendo Switch games into digital copies and offering them online that Nintendo takes issue with. However, that doesn’t mean Nintendo won’t be very cross with Valve over the “accident”.

How exactly Yuzu ended up in the video is a particularly interesting mystery. It’s possible that a Valve employee’s Steam Deck was used for the recording, and no one else in the production realized what Yuzu was until the video was already live. The possibility of a Valve employee playing Nintendo Switch games on their Steam Deck isn’t surprising, but no one else caught the problem.

The bottom line is that Yuzu is being used for extensive hacking of the Nintendo Switch, and Valve’s video could be interpreted as supporting that hacking. Steam Deck is, after all, a competitor to the Nintendo Switch. Valve advertising that Steam Deck users can illegally pirate Switch games is obviously a bad look. Taking down the video probably isn’t going to ease the frustration for them Steam Deck.

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