The Super Mario Bros. movie trailer scene. recreated to look like Super Mario 64

A fan animator recreates a scene from the first trailer for Super Mario Bros. to resemble the classic title, Super Mario 64.

A fan shows a scene from his first trailer Super Mario Bros. Movie recreated in his style Super Mario 64. Recently, Universal, Illumination Pictures and Nintendo revealed the first trailer for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie, which highlighted a number of plot points and characters. This included the first look at Jack Black as Bowser, Chris Pratt as Mario, as well as a few other minor and supporting characters. This was revealed in Nintendo’s own Direct exclusively focused on the film, with overall positive impressions.


A scene in particular from the Mario movieIts trailer has generated quite a few memes online from many fans, as evidenced by the variants that appeared shortly after the trailer was released. This includes Bowser’s attack on the Penguin Kingdom, where despite the efforts of the Penguin King and his army, they are completely ineffective against the Koopa King. This is followed by Tyrant’s completely one-sided victory against his avian opponents. An animator decided to add more to this particular scene by recreating it in his own style Super Mario 64.

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This animation was created by a 3D animator known as Coda on Twitter. It’s a short recreation, but manages to capture the tone of the retraux-style scene. This includes using the original penguin models from Super Mario 64 that make up his army, while also making the penguin king stand out with his own unique outfit and crown. The animation even goes out of its way to use the same sound effects and music it came from Super Mario 64such as the penguin’s cries and Bowser’s original laugh.

The animated recreation then ends with the penguin being thrown off a cliff as in Super Mario 64. It is clear that this animation exceeds the capabilities of the original Super Mario 64, where Bowser’s lipsync is still pretty accurate to the movie. Despite this, many fans still loved the recreation, knowing how it pays homage to the franchise’s first 3D title and how, despite the older models, it manages to be as lively and fluid as the original trailer.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has already become a hot topic of conversation, with this trailer and poster showing off a number of elements that prove love for the franchise. Fans can expect to play a retro-style animation during the credits, which will recreate crucial scenes from the film in retro 8-bit style.

The movie Super Mario Bros will hit theaters on April 7, 2023.

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Source: Nintendo Life

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