The video shows that the electric Hummer takes *4 days* to fully charge with the wall outlet

A YouTuber recently pointed out that buyers of GMC’s new electric Hummer better clear their calendars if the truck runs out of battery charge. The video he produced showed that when the $80,000+ electric vehicle (EV) is plugged into a regular outlet, it will take more than four days to fully charge. A dedicated 240 volt charger still takes a full day to charge the vehicle.

A YouTuber with an electric GMC Hummer — an EV that starts at $86,645 — took his EV home and found that it would take, at best, a day to charge — as long as it has special charging equipment installed.

Without the equipment, it can take four days to complete a charge.

“The new GMC Hummer EV truck is the fastest truck on the market right now, but what if you’re not on a fast charger and just at home? How fast does it charge?” asked the man at the beginning of the video.

See below:

The man noted that he was charging his EV with the standard “level one” charger, stating, “I just plug it into my house, 120 volts, using the Hummer cable. Level 1 Charge.”

“Right now it’s about 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday and says it will be full by Saturday at 10:55 [p.m.], which is four plus days of charging. Wow,” said the man.

However, the man added that it will take about 24 hours to complete a charge with the Level Two charger — an upgraded home station that requires special equipment and installation.

“I have a Juice Box, Level 2 charger, 240 volts in my garage,” he said. “Plug in the level 2 charger, now it says it will be tomorrow at 6:30 [p.m.]so about 24 hours of charging from 4% to 100%.

“It’s a 212 kilowatt-hour battery,” the man added. “It still takes some time.”

The average price of a Level Two charger is about $500, not including installation costs, according to

Another YouTuber — with 1.4 million followers — recently conducted a similar experiment with the all-new 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup. The man attempted to tow a 1930 Ford Model A truck with the EV, but ended up with “a complete and total destruction”.

“If a truck that tows 3,500 pounds can’t even go 100 miles – that’s ridiculously stupid,” says Tyler “Hoovie” Hoover in his video. “This truck can’t do normal truck things. You’ll be stopping every hour to recharge, which would take about 45 minutes each time, and that’s totally impractical.”

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