“The Walking Dead” can’t get anywhere near the end of the comic in season 11

The Walking Dead is making its final episodes to end the series after 11 seasons. But I’ve seen some discussion about how the show may or may not reflect the end of the comics, which concluded with the Commonwealth arc.

It’s not even a conversation, and I’m not sure people realize how much has changed where the show will be miles and miles away from the end of the comics, and it really shouldn’t feel like the finale of Kirkman’s story at all. Let’s go through it:

  • Rick Grimes left the show when he was the main character in the last arc, and was actually killed in the final issues by his son Milton.
  • Carl Grimes was killed years ago, the other main character in this arc.
  • Michonne left the show to go find Rick and was essentially replaced by Kumiko in this arc.
  • Dwight, a major death in the comics when Rick is forced to kill him to protect Pamela Milton, left for Fear the Walking Dead years ago and won’t be back.

  • Daryl, the main character of the entire series now, didn’t exist in the comics at all. It’s already been said that he won’t be taking Rick’s place at the end, which should be obvious given that we know he’s got his own spin-off after this and he can’t end up dead.
  • Carol died in the first dozen or so issues of the comic, and her current version is a completely transformed character.
  • Ezekiel and Rosita aren’t supposed to be alive at this point since they died a long time ago in the comics, two of the Whisperer heads on pikes.
  • Judith Grimes died as a baby in the comics. Rick and Michonne were never a couple and never had a son.
  • Even if Rick and Michonne return for cameos, we know they’ll survive because of their spin-off. Daryl, Negan and Maggie will all survive, based on their own spin-offs as well.
  • As of tonight, you’ll realize that another key player for the end of comic book history has been taken off the board, but I won’t get into that just yet.
  • Given all the spin-offs, it’s highly unlikely we’ll see a huge time jump like we saw with Carl last issue, considering the show doesn’t want to jump that far into the future with all the spin-offs still needing to happen. In addition, these must be regulated to some extent.

In short, while the show and the comics have had similarities and differences in the past, all of these changes have created a butterfly effect that here in the finale, the show can’t really resemble the end of the comics.

Almost every major character in the comic Commonwealth arc is gone. And some of the characters who seemingly replaced them are destined for their own spin-offs after this, so there can’t be some kind of solid ending to their story. I expect very, very little of the finale to resemble the comics, and even the show itself seems a little confused, as they recently mentioned that they had to change the ending scene they had originally planned. I’m guessing it’s something related to Rick’s spin-off, since there’s zero percent change the show will end without him showing up, even if he doesn’t show up in person to meet with his old crew (which he wouldn’t have much meaning for the spin-off).

Weird moments on The Walking Dead. Although I’ve loved this season so far, and tonight’s episode.

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