Thieves cut off a 100-year-old woman’s leg while stealing her jewelry

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  • A group of men in India chopped off a woman’s leg on Sunday
  • They attacked the 100-year-old victim to steal silver jewelry
  • The elderly woman was seriously injured in the incident

Thieves in the Indian state of Rajasthan attacked a 100-year-old woman over the weekend to steal jewelry, according to reports.

The elderly victim was found outside her home in the city of Jaipur on Sunday, Indian news channel NDTV reported, citing the woman’s daughter, Ganga Devi.

“There were injury marks on her neck and her leg was cut,” Devi was quoted as saying by the report.

A group of men allegedly cut off the victim’s leg to steal silver jewellery.

The victim’s family learned about the incident through their landlord.

“It was early morning when our landlord told me that my grandmother was outside in a critical condition. I told my mother about the incident and she told me to inform my relatives about it,” said the woman’s granddaughter.

The victim, who was having difficulty doing daily chores, was seriously injured, according to the report.

Further investigation is ongoing.

Police received a report of a jewelery robbery and a woman whose legs were chopped off, but it was not clear if this related to the Jaipur case.

In a similar story, a group of thieves in California attacked and robbed an elderly Asian American man inside a laundromat.

The suspected attackers, identified as Calvin Berschell, Jason Orozco and Nolowde Beshears, attacked the 67-year-old victim in the 1200 block of Mason Street in San Francisco around 10pm on February 23 last year.

All three, aged 19 at the time of the incident, kicked the man during the attack, according to surveillance footage.

They also dragged the victim from his chair and forced him to the ground before going through his pockets for valuables.

The team ended up getting several hundred dollars.

In the meantime, the elderly man was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Investigators later arrested the suspects, all from Antioch, after serving warrants at two addresses in the area.

Police were able to seize several firearms at the scene of the arrests.

Berschell, Orozco and Beshears were charged with burglary, robbery, elder abuse, fraudulent use of a credit card and assault likely to cause great bodily harm.

In addition to the laundromat attack, the three were wanted for multiple car burglaries in Antioch.

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