Trump News Today: Audio Released Of Trump Taking Credit For Saving Ron DeSandis’ Campaign

Former US President Donald Trump claims he can declassify top secret documents just by ‘thinking’

Donald Trump claimed in newly released audio that Ron DeSandis probably wouldn’t be governor at all without his support, according to CNN.

New York Times Correspondent Maggie Haberman shared the clip from one of her interviews with Trump, in which the former president is heard saying, “It was at 3 percent.”

“He came to me, he said, ‘I’d love your support,'” says the former president. “I said, Ron, you’re in the 3 percent. You can’t win.’ He said, “If you approve me, I can.”

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s lawyers have asked the Supreme Court to intervene in a case involving classified documents recovered from the former president’s Mar-a-Lago Florida home.

Legal experts also spoke strongly against Trump after he filed a $475 million defamation lawsuit against CNN, describing his case as “rubbish” and “not worth the paper it’s written on.”

Attorneys representing the one-term president allege in the lawsuit that “CNN’s defamation campaign of libel and slander against Plaintiff has only escalated in recent months as CNN fears Plaintiff will run for president in 2024.”


‘Dark Brandon’ Trends After Biden Says: ‘Nobody Has a Biden’

Joe Biden may have just poured gasoline on aging “Dark Brandon” memes with his appearance in Florida.

The president was heard on a hot microphone — his rival in a decade-long political career — telling a local official that “nobody has a Biden” as he toured hurricane-ravaged areas in Florida.

The meme term “Dark Brandon” was trending with thousands of tweets Wednesday afternoon after the video was posted.


New Poll Shows Georgia Senate Race Pulling Away From Republicans

A poll released Wednesday by InsiderAdvantage/Fox 5 Atlanta shows a stunning six-point swing in favor of incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock in just one month.

Mr Warnock now leads his rival by three points in the survey, the same margin by which he trailed Mr Walker in the same firm’s survey from early September.


Herschel Walker’s son tweets, deletes another cryptic message

Herschel Walker’s son, who publicly denounced his father after a story from The Daily Beast reporting that the Georgia Senate candidate paid for a woman’s abortion in 2009, seems to have more to say.

The 23-year-old influencer tweeted and deleted the following message Wednesday afternoon: “God will not be mocked.”

It’s unclear what he’s referring to, but it comes after his father addressed his past struggles (by reference, if not directly) in a new ad that claims he’s moved on after being saved by “grace.”


Liz Cheney says she’s the only Republican willing to condemn racist attack on McConnell’s wife

Congresswoman Liz Cheney commented on what she said was a sad state of affairs in her party after most GOP politicians on Capitol Hill refused to issue statements or otherwise comment on a racial slur that Donald Trump used in recent days to refer to wife of Mitch McConnell.

The outgoing Democratic Party spokesman strongly condemned both the former president’s recent remark about Elaine Chao, his former transportation secretary, and members of her own party for not speaking out.

“When you see former President Trump just in the last 24 hours suggesting in a fairly thinly veiled way, using words that could very well incite violence against the Senate Republican leader, saying that he has a death wish and then, you know, starting a absolutely despicable, racist attack on Secretary Chao, Chief McConnell’s wife, and then you watch the fact that no one in my party will say that this is unacceptable,” he said. The hill.


Trump calls on Fox News to rehire Lou Dobbs

Donald Trump took to Truth Social on Wednesday to protest the makeup of Fox News as it faces a deluge of criminal and legal disputes.

The conspiracy-minded Fox Business Network host was fired and his show canceled hours after the company was sued for more than $2 billion by Smartmatic, a voting machine company that was the target of 2020 election fraud claims.

“We need Lou back on TV now!” Trump wrote, linking an article to Mr. Dobbs’ recent comment about the state of television news.


Trump’s campaign lawyers mock him for appearing in newly leaked emails

Donald Trump’s lawyers mocked his presidential campaign and made their own suggestions that he was violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution on private messages.

It’s the latest revelation from the Jan. 6 committee, made in a court filing as the committee tries to obtain emails from John Eastman, a member of Donald Trump’s legal team who is heavily involved in trying to overturn the 2020 election.

In an email, one lawyer remarked to his colleague that it was “a shame” the latter was not in Washington at Mr Trump’s hotel so he could “contribute to the violation of the emoluments clause” of the US Constitution.


Trump used expletives to describe his first attorney general, Jeff Sessions, book says

A new book by New York Times Journalist Maggie Haberman reports that former President Donald Trump routinely used the slur “mentally retarded” to refer to Jeff Sessions, his first attorney general.

It’s a shockingly vicious way for Mr Trump to describe the one-time ally who was the first member of the US Senate to endorse his 2016 campaign.

Trump will later work to prevent Mr. Sessions from winning back his old US Senate seat.

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Donations are pouring in for anti-Trump Brian Kemp

Brian Kemp, the GOP Georgia governor who successfully rejected Donald Trump’s endorsement after breaking with him over the 2020 election issue, appears to be donating and winning his re-election race against perennial challenger Stacey Abrams.

Mr. Kemp said his campaign and the Georgias First committee had $15.4 million in cash after spending nearly $20 million between July and September.

Stacey Abrams is set to release her fundraising numbers in the coming days.

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Trump predicted GOP would embrace Herschel Walker abortion scandal in book interview

Donald Trump predicted in an interview with Maggie Haberman that voters will accept the checkered past of Herschel Walker, his running mate in the Georgia Senate race.

The former president did not address the issue of the newest revelation from The Daily Beast about a woman who provided an image of a personal check from Mr. Walker that she said funded her abortion in 2009, but it is a prophetic prediction as the story appears to be the “October Surprise” that will shake up the crucial race in final of weeks.

“Twenty years ago it would have been a bigger problem. I don’t think it’s a problem today,” said the twice-impeached former president.


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton ordered to testify in abortion case after leaving home to avoid subpoena

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been ordered by a federal judge to testify in a high-profile abortion case just a week after he fled his home to avoid a subpoena in the lawsuit.

Mr. Paxton tried to avoid testifying in the case. Last week, Mr. Paxton fled his home to avoid being served with a subpoena related to the lawsuit. The process server said he saw Mr. Paxton turn and run into his house when he approached and called out the attorney general’s name.

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