Trump News Today: Mitch McConnell Is Silent On Trump’s Racist Comments About His Wife

Former US President Donald Trump claims he can declassify top secret documents just by ‘thinking’

Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell appeared silent days after his wife and former transportation secretary of Donald Trump were subjected to “racist” comments by the former president.

Mr Trump said Elaine Chao “loved China” in a post on Truth Social and that her husband, the highest-ranking GOP figure in Congress, had made “a DEATH WISH” by agreeing to a spending plan that would government funding until December 16. and after the midterm elections.

While Mr. McConnell did not respond to the attack, Republican Senator Rick Scott also avoided any confrontation with Trump on the issue, telling CNN in an interview over the weekend that the former president wanted to make sure that “we don’t continue to we’re giving in to the Democrats.”

Other Republican senators, such as Susan Collins of Maine, said the tone of violent rhetoric in US politics is increasing, to the point where she worries a member of Congress could be assassinated, but this was closely followed by right-wing Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. . Trump told the Michigan crowd that Democrats wanted to “kill” Republicans. These allegations were unfounded.


Mike Lindell will join Fox News and other targets of Dominion Voting System payback for the false claims, conspiracies and nonsense being spread about the company by Trump supporters in 2020.

That was the result of the High Court’s decision on Monday to reject Mr Lindell’s appeal of a lower court ruling that the company’s case against him could go ahead.

The CEO of MyPillow is facing a shocking $1.3 billion lawsuit for supporting false claims about Dominion voting machines and their alleged use by Joe Biden to steal the 2002 election.

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Green claims Democrats are ‘killing’ Republicans in Trump rally speech

Marjorie Taylor Greene claimed Democrats are “killing” Republicans while speaking at a Donald Trump rally in Michigan on Saturday.

“Democrats want Republicans dead and they’ve already started the killing,” the US spokeswoman said in her address to the crowd.

Ms. Greene cited an incident in North Dakota where a drunken man allegedly had a “political” argument with a pedestrian he hit with his car and later claimed he was “a member of a Republican extremist group,” according to court documents cited from The Daily Beast.

The comments were widely condemned on social media.


“It’s never okay to be racist,” says Rick Scott

While Republican Sen. Rick Scott stopped short of directly condemning Donald Trump for his attack on Mitch McConnell, the lawmaker went so far as to say that “it’s never okay to be racist.”

Mr Scott’s response came during an interview with CNN when he was confronted with Trump’s recent social media tirade against McConnell and his wife Elaine Chao, against whom the former president used racist language.

“As you know, the president likes to give people nicknames,” said the Florida Republican, who also added, “I hope no one is racist.”


The psychiatrist who warned about Donald Trump in 2017

In 2017, Dr. Bandy Lee organized a conference and consulted with other medical professionals, then published a book containing 27 essays by psychologists and psychiatrists calling Donald Trump a “clear and present danger.”

The book details all the ways a Trump presidency could threaten the country, with authors touching on perceived sociopathy, narcissism, paranoid delusions, impulse control problems, antisocial personality disorder and a host of other related issues. characteristics.

As Sheila Flynn writes in an interview with Dr. Lee, it’s hard for anyone to argue, at this point, that the book wasn’t particularly prescient. And now he fears even more for the future:


Trump ‘beyond the pale,’ conservative analyst tells CNN

Scott Jennings, a conservative political commentator, said “every Republican” should be able to say that Donald Trump’s attack on Mitch McConnell and his wife Elaine Chao was “beyond the pale” and made him undeserving for the 2024 candidacy.

“You wouldn’t say, ‘Hmm, let’s give this person the presidency or the Republican nomination for president,'” Mr. Jennings told CNN on Sunday. “You’d say, ‘Call 911.’ “

He added that Trump’s comments about Mr McConnell’s support for a spending bill as a “death wish” were “kill orders” against the Senate minority leader, whose wife was also attacked by the former president using racist language .

Other Republicans, including Sen. Rick Scott, appeared to avoid criticizing Mr. Trump for the comments when asked by CNN over the weekend.


McConnell is ‘silent’ on Trump attack

The Republican Senate Minority Leader did not respond to Trump’s comments about his support for spending legislation last week and racist language toward his wife, Elaine Chao.

John Cooper, a former Democratic campaign chairman, was among those on Twitter who criticized both the former president and Mr. McConnell for not responding.

Those comments were echoed by former Republican congressman Joe Walsh, who described his former party’s support for Mr Trump as a “cult”.


WATCH: Trump thanks Ginny Thomas for her support

Donald Trump praised conservative activist Ginny Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, at his rally in Michigan over the weekend.

Ms Thomas lobbied top officials to overturn the 2020 election outcome based on debunked conspiracy theories promoted by Trump and his allies.

Trump thanks Ginny Thomas for sticking with stolen election lies


Trump told Maggie Haberman she was ‘like his psychiatrist’

said Donald Trump New York Times Journalist Maggie Haberman Was ‘Like My Psychiatrist’ During Post-Presidential Interview About Her New Book The man of trust.

According to a quote posted on The Atlantic, the former president turned to two aides during their interview at Mar-a-Lago and said, “I love being with her. he’s like my psychiatrist.”


Rick Scott Rick Scott refuses to defend Mitch McConnell and his wife

Republican Sen. Rick Scott of Florida refused to condemn former President Donald Trump’s comments about Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has been criticized for voting with Democrats on spending legislation.

“McConnell approves of all these Tris.

He went on to accuse Elaine Chao, Mr McConnell’s wife and a former transport secretary, of “loving China” in language widely derided as racist.


Trump’s beef with Maggie Haberman continues

During a rally in Michigan on Saturday, Donald Trump continued his attacks on an upcoming book about him New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman.

In a speech in Warren, the former president denied one of the book’s most shocking claims, that Trump considered firing his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner from their roles in the White House via tweets, which he said “it didn’t happen.” “.

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