Trump repeats false claims that Obama mishandled “33 million pages” of official documents

Donald Trump has falsely accused his predecessor Barack Obama of moving “33 million pages” of official documents to a “totally unsafe former furniture store” after moving out of the Oval Office.

The former president also condemned US federal agencies investigating the handling of sensitive government records in a speech at the America First Policy Insitute’s Hispanic Leadership Conference in Miami, Florida on Wednesday.

Using the incident to attack his opponents, the former president claimed the FBI’s investigation of his Mar-a-Lago estate is being used to target him “unfairly, illegally and unconstitutionally,” as he called the federal probe a “hoax.”

“So how do we know this document hoax is actually a hoax or a spoof?” began. “Just look at how every other president was treated when they left office. They were given all the necessary time and full respect for their documents and their documents,” he said, arguing that “no other president has been targeted” like him.

“Barack Hussein Obama transported more than 20 truckloads of over 33 million pages of classified and unclassified documents to a poorly constructed and completely unsafe former furniture store with no security whatsoever,” he claimed, without showing evidence.

The National Archives and Records Administration (Nara) previously shot down the claims, which Mr Trump has often repeated, saying he “assumed sole legal and physical custody of the Obama presidential records” when he left office in 2017.

“Nara moved approximately 30 million pages of unclassified files to a Nara facility in the Chicago area, where they are maintained exclusively by Nara,” it said in a statement issued on August 12, 2022.

“Additionally, Nara maintains Obama’s classified presidential records at a Nara facility in the Washington, DC area. As required by [Presidential Records Act]former President Obama has no control over where or how Nara stores his administration’s presidential records.”

The country’s national record holder again issued a statement on September 8, debunking claims about the missing records by the Obama administration.

“Some news outlets and people on social media are wrongly reporting that the National Archives and Records Administration (Nara) has confirmed that a large number of boxes of presidential records from the Barack Obama administration are missing. This is false,” he said.

“Nara has never issued such a statement and is not aware that boxes of presidential records are missing from the Obama administration.”

During his speech, Mr. Trump demanded to know whether there was an investigation into the handling of documents by the George W. Bush and Bill Clinton administrations.

The former president also issued another attack on Hillary Clinton, saying she “maybe should have been impeached,” without elaborating.

The president had earlier strangely claimed that the FBI was looking into Mrs. Clinton’s emails at Mar-a-Lago during their investigation.

“The farce of the documents is just that. It’s a farce and a travesty and I’m being unfairly, illegally and unconstitutionally targeted. It’s a violation of the 4th amendment, you know,” Mr. Trump told the conference.

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