Trump staff stuffed photos of Hunter Biden in White House air conditioner, Haberman’s book reveals

A new book will soon reveal how a Donald Trump staffer put pictures of Hunter Biden in the White House air conditioning unit when the former president was leaving the office.

According New York Times the book by journalist Maggie Haberman The man of trustwhich follows Mr. Trump’s political journey, an employee working for then-Director of the Office of the President John McCandy stuffed photos of his son Joe Biden into the AC unit, breaking it in the process.

Ms Haberman’s book is to be released on Tuesday and details, among other things, how Trump and his staff took steps to sabotage their successors.

Politico posted book excerpts detailing AC stuffing. He also said that both staff and senior team members from the Trump administration were uncooperative with their successors. This included then Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

The book also describes how the new Biden administration staff were confused by the behavior of their predecessors. “I know the president says these things … we’re going to get through it,” Mr. Meadows reportedly told his successor, Ron Klein, about Mr. Trump’s questions about election integrity.

The Trump administration also delayed giving information from the Pentagon to the Biden team and prevented them from getting personal access to the Covid-19 vaccines in the first days of their release, when the shots were limited to key workers.

“I told them to fix it,” Mr. Meadows told Klein at the time, according to the transcript. But, according to Ms. Haberman, nothing has changed. At other times, Mr. Meadows reportedly rebuffed the Biden team’s requests.

The author also notes in the book that he refused to give them access to a computer system needed to begin working on the president’s budget, telling the group they “simply cannot expect us to approve your spending plans.” .

When Mr. Klein told him that Biden should start receiving intelligence updates, Meadows asked how many days a week Biden wanted to receive them.

Mr. Klein was reportedly “flabbergasted” by his question and replied that the president-elect would want that any day, just as he would as vice president. Mr. Meadows responded that “no president ever does that. That never happened.”

“It seemed so beyond Meadows’ experience that he couldn’t understand it,” Ms. Haberman wrote.

Responding to the upcoming book on his Truth Social platform, the former president called it a “fake book” with “a lot of made-up stories.”

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