Tucker Carlson laughs hysterically at ‘fake poet’ Amanda Gorman, mocks Greta Thunberg’s disability

Tucker Carlson let out what has become his trademark high-pitched laugh as he mocked poet Amanda Gorman on his show and mocked Greta Thunberg for her disability.

The Fox News primetime host mocked Democrats and the corporate media Wednesday night for using “disabled” and “incompetent” people for their own political “advantage.”

Carlson said climate activist Ms Thunberg was being exploited by politicians and media houses as she criticized climate and energy policies as “crazy politics”.

“Does the name Greta Thunberg come to mind? She’s the girl who lectures you about global warming and how you’re evil,” he said in his monologue.

“Greta Thunberg is someone who needed help and concern from adults. At age 11, she lost 22 pounds because, according to her parents, she was so depressed about global warming that she couldn’t eat, and then she was diagnosed with a whole host of very serious problems: OCD, mutism, Asperger’s, a lot, very sad, actually.”

The climate activist did not refer to herself as disabled, but also called her Asperger’s diagnosis her “superpower”.

Asperger’s, which is folded into the broader diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, is characterized by difficulties in social interaction and non-verbal communication.

Carlson called it “crazy” that Ms Thunberg was “lecturing” people about energy policy and said she was someone who needed “real help, care and empathy” from adults and family.

“You’re supposed to deal with Greta Thunberg’s disability, assume her words are profound, just like the fake poet at Biden’s inauguration. “Oh, she was so wonderful. We dare you to say it wasn’t,” he said and burst into hysterical laughter.

“It was ridiculous, but … ‘oh it’s so deep,'” he added, referring to Amanda Gorman’s poetry recital at Mr. Biden’s inauguration and mocking Ms. Gorman’s supporters.

She went on to attack Ms Thunberg again, saying she was “living in hell” and “suffering” like most “emotionally unbalanced children”, as she criticized people who did not support her through her problems.

“You did nothing to support her, to love her, to treat a serious mental illness. No, you used it to get more power and if anyone says anything about it, if you think kids shouldn’t go on TV to talk about climate policy and energy, then you’re a bigot. You hate children. You hate Greta Thunberg,” he said.

Carlson began his segment to support the argument that liberals are elevating Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman so they can control him as he “gets sick.”

Mr. Fetterman, who is running to replace Republican Senator Pat Toomey, suffers from lingering auditory processing problems following a stroke he suffered in May.

“In fact, rather than being a problem, it was an asset, because if the equity agenda means anything, it means that incompetent people should be in charge. This is justice,” he said.

He also accused Kamala Harris of being the “dimest person” and Joe Biden as a “demented person.”

“So if you don’t like the fact that the commander-in-chief, the guy who runs our nuclear arsenal, is deranged by age, which he is, then you’re the bigot,” he said.

“But underneath it all is the most cynical political movement in the history of this country. This elevates Joe Biden precisely because he is fading. Because he has dementia. For this [Democratic Party] he chose him,” Carlson added.

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