Underwater caves, rivers of fire and distant mountain ranges win Pano Image Awards

The winners of the 2022 Epson International Pano Awards have been announced and the overall winner of the 2022 Open Competition was Jinyi He from China with three entries, The vein, Purple World and Rainbow Canyon.

“I am very honored to receive the 2022 Epson Pano Award as Open Photographer of the Year. It is very special for me to be recognized for the projects shot in my childhood hometown of Xinjiang, China,” said Jinyi.

“As a landscape photographer, I am always passionate about exploring magnificent Chinese landscapes that are rarely known to Western photographers. I dedicate myself to capturing their precious but hidden beauty. I believe that the most powerful photographs come from the heart and not from the brain. Sincerely feelings on the road always brings me different inspirations, perspectives and appreciations for our planet”.

The Epson International Pano Awards showcase the work of panoramic photographers worldwide and are the largest competition for panoramic photography. This year the competition received 4,129 entries from 1,197 professional and amateur photographers in 98 countries.

The awards were established in 2009 by Australian landscape photographer David Evans (2015 AIPP Australian Landscape Photographer of the Year) with the support of Epson Australia and have since grown into a collaboration of dedicated professional photographers, industry professionals and sponsors.

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Overall winner – The Vein

Several drone shots have been stitched together to form this impressive image of the Dushanzi Grand Canyon in Xinjiang, China. For tens of millions of years, the snow melt water of the Tianshan Glacier has formed this natural landscape under the movement of the earth’s crust and the erosion of wind and rain. Photo by Jinyi He/Epson International Pano Awards

Amateur Built Environment Category – Icelandic Bridge

Aerial view of a bridge over ice rivers in Iceland

A road bridge crosses a river in southern Iceland in this aerial image. Photo by Carlos Solinis Camalich/Epson International Pano Awards

Natural Scenery Category – Cave Diving Exploration

a cave diver underwater in Mexico

A cave diver explores an underwater cave network in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Photo by Martin Broen/Epson International Pano Awards

Amateur Built Environment Category – Sunrise In The Clouds

Horizon rising above the fog

Dubai’s skyline rises above a rare winter fog. Photo by Florian Kriechbaumer/Epson International Pano Awards

Natural Scenery Category – Poison River

Aerial view of river pollution

An aerial view of a polluted river in Huelva, Spain. Photo: Juan López Ruiz/Epson International Pano Awards

Built Environment Category – Heart of the Ocean

Aerial view of fish nets

This aerial image shows fishermen gathering their nets in Phu Yen, Vietnam. Photo: Tran Viet/Epson International Pano Awards

Amateur built environment category – Lonely Farm

Snow scene with some trees and cottage visible

A lonely farm building surrounded by snow in Estavayer-le-Gibloux, Switzerland. Photo by Cédric Tamani/Epson International Pano Awards

Built environment category – Walled Living

Towers in Hong Kong

High-rise towers in Hong Kong, China. Photo by Carlo Yuen/Epson International Pano Awards

Natural Landscape Category – Purple World

A field of purple flowers with mountains in the distance

Blooming galsong flowers cover the ground in the shadow of a mountain range in Kalajun, Xinjiang, China. Photo by Jinyi He/Epson International Pano Awards

Amateur Built Environment Category – Yurikamome Line

Motion blur of a railroad track turning around a corner

A blurry image of the Yurikamome line, a driverless transportation service in Tokyo, Japan. Photo by Shuchuan Liu/Epson International Pano Awards

Natural Scenery Category – The Factory

A rocky landscape in Utah, USA. Photo: Juan López Ruiz/Epson International Pano Awards

Nature amateur landscape category – In formation

Elephants walking in a line

African elephants walk in the hot landscape of Kenya. Photo by Florian Kriechbaumer/Epson International Pano Awards

Amateur Built Environment Category – The Road

A time-lapse image showing mountains and the galaxy above

A time-lapse image shows the Milky Way over the mountains of Mallorca, Spain. Photo Marc Marco/Epson International Pano Awards

Category amateur nature landscapes – The Lagoon

The sun rises over a glacial lagoon in Iceland. Photo by Sabine Weise/Epson International Pano Awards

Natural landscapes category – Volcano in the clouds

An aerial view of a volcanic eruption in Iceland

Geldingalir, Iceland’s youngest volcano, spews rivers of lava down its side, in this March 2021 image. Photo by Luis Manuel Vilarino Lopez/Epson International Pano Awards

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The winner of the curators’ award – Bernese Oberland

silhouette hills at sunset

The peaks of the Niederhorn and the Burgfeldstand in the Emmental Alps are visible in this image as the sun rises over Switzerland’s Berner Oberland. Photo Judith Kuhn/Epson International Pano Awards

The Raw Planet Award Winner – Serenity Shores

Trees with autumn leaves over a swamp

View of the cypress swamps of Louisiana, USA, taken in autumn 2021. Photo by Joshua Hermann/Epson International Pano Awards

Natural Scenery Category – Thirsty Moods

The coastline meets the sea at Thirsty Sound, Queensland, Australia. Photo by Peter Harrison/Epson International Pano Awards

Natural Scenery Category – Rainbow Canyon

Rainbow in a huge canyon

A rainbow bridges the gap between two huge gorges in Tianshan, Xinjiang, China. Photo by Jinyi He/Epson International Pano Awards

Nikon Australia Award Winner – Winter Mountains

Snow hits a mountain range

A break in the clouds makes this mountain range briefly visible. Photographed in Aoraki, Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand. Photo by Craig McGowan/Epson International Pano Awards

Category of natural landscapes – Ripples

Man stands alone on rocky outcrops

A man walks between tide pools in Djursland, Denmark. Photographed in the summer of 2022. Photo by Mads Peter Iversen/Epson International Pano Awards

Natural Landscapes Category – Badlands Approach

Cliff faces at sunset in Utah

Canyons and mountains dominate the landscape near Hanksville, Utah, USA. Photo by Dan Hawk/Epson International Pano Awards

Winner of the Best Smartphone Image Award – Camp for the Sunrise

Sunrise over a mountain range

The sun rises over a mountain range in Argentina. Photo William Lekki/Epson International Pano Awards

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