Unlocking all MultiVersus Halloween cosmetic events takes over 780 hours without paying real money

The hit crossover fighting game MultiVersus requires players to spend more than 780 hours to unlock exclusive seasonal cosmetics. As with other live service games, seasonal events with exclusive cosmetics are part of it MultiVersus experience. The Halloween event, which starts on October 12th and runs until November 15th, brings with it changes to match rewards that reward the purchase of exclusive high-quality costumes.

Update 1.04 brought with it new Assassin Stripe, bug fixes and balance adjustments. As with previous updates, new exclusive outfits can be purchased through the in-game store using Gleamium. For example, the Black Lantern versions of Superman and Wonder Woman can be purchased for 2,000 Gleamium each. Players are incentivized to purchase the premium costumes available for Superman, Wonder Woman, Velma, Tom and Jerry and finally Iron Giant due to the way the exclusive Candy Shop works for the Halloween event.


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If a player wins every game they play, unlocking seasonal cosmetics will take 783 games. Realistically, that number will be even higher, requiring more than 800 games to unlock premium holiday content. Players win sweetly by playing matches with 10 pieces for a loss and 20 for a win. If a player uses a new Halloween premium skin, Combat Stripe or Combat Gizmo, the reward is doubled. A loss on a premium skin is worth 20 candies while a win is worth 40. In a team game, if every player is wearing one of the selectable premium skins, then each player gets 20 extra candies for a win or a loss. Adding the cost of Candy Store unlocks adds up to 16,650 pieces of candy for all content.

  • Pumpkin Patch Profile Icon – 150 Candy
  • Jack-o-Lantern Emote Sticker – 500 Candy
  • Mummy Reindog Epic Variant – 3,000 Candy
  • Calico Cake Epic Variant – 12,000 candy

Candy Shop is only available for the next 30 days, which means an average of 26 games per day for 30 days. The math gets better if a player buys one of the eligible suits, bringing the total down to just 392 games won. The extra candy left over at the end of the event can be used to buy 50 gold for every 500 candies. Gold, a currency with no premium, can be used to buy new ones MultiVersus fighters.

Exclusive content behind an event-specific coin is considered standard operating procedure for live service titles. The MultiVersus Battlepass is no exception despite having a different structure than other free-to-play games. Asking players to put in over 780 hours over the next 30 days is either absurd or completely reasonable depending on which fanbase is being asked. Regardless, over 20 million players have taken part MultiVersus and the current Halloween event will likely be another hit for Player First.

MultiVersus is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Video Games Chronicle

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