USWNT-England performs amid NWSL turmoil

LONDON — It’s not often that a big game lives up to the moment. It’s even rarer when the moment calls for a game like today’s. After a harrowing week in women’s football, Friday night at Wembley Stadium hit the spot. Spectacle, catharsis, showcase, solidarity: Whatever the sport needed, the US women’s national team performed valiantly and England cruised to an entertaining 2-1 win.

When Sally Yates’ damning 319-page report into emotional and sexual abuse in the NWSL sent shockwaves through the sports world on Monday, the initial thought for Friday’s highly anticipated friendly in London was one of concern. Maybe the game was coming at the wrong time. Perhaps we needed more space before a game of this magnitude to reflect and heal and channel our perfectly justified anger into the appropriate channels.

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