Watch Dogs 2 Time Lapse video shows the player walking across the entire map

One player shared a video of himself traversing it Watch Dogs 2 map, all from the same perspective. The video was quite the feat, taking a long time to complete.

Watch Dogs 2 took players to San Francisco, California, putting them in the shoes of a hacker named Marcus. The game offered a stunningly realistic and accurate representation of the San Francisco Bay Area, with the team taking trips to the area to ensure its accuracy, and the time-lapse video showing all the details that went into it.


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Reddit user and YouTuber GameLapse often shares videos of themselves in various games, walking through the scenery or taking the time to observe the day from a unique perspective. In this video, the player starts his phone and then works his way backwards through his set Watch Dogs 2map of Even though the game was released six years ago, the graphics still look pretty good and it would be easy to mistake it for the real thing when you fast forward like this.

Timing mistakes take a lot of effort and time to complete, and this one is no exception. GameLapse notes that it took less than three hours to walk the entire map. As time went on, open-world games developed larger maps, so time-lapse videos like this will likely become even more time-consuming in the future. However, some players have already spent a lot of time on videos like these with existing maps such as Watch Dogs 2 The map is relatively small compared to other game series like Just Cause the Fallout.

Unfortunately, Watch Dogs has stagnated a bit over the years, with no news of a fourth release in the works. Fans have been concerned that the Watch Dogs the series may have been shelved. Some team members who worked on Watch Dogs the series has since left the company, further raising doubts and concerns. Of course, Ubisoft always has several projects in the works, so it may just be a matter of waiting until there are enough resources to focus on it.

Continuity support, Watch Dogs Legion, ended earlier this year with the release of the game’s final Bloodline DLC. For now, players will have to look to other upcoming open-world games for a similar experience, such as the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6. With any luck, Watch Dogs we’ll see a sequel that further elevates the series at some point in the future.

Watch Dogs 2 is now available for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia.

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