What is the best ‘Destiny 2’ DLC expansion to buy as a new player?

While Destiny 2 is supposedly going to work on onboarding new players when Lightfall hits with some new “Guardian Ranks” system, the game isn’t likely to fix the fact that it still doesn’t offer that much to new players for free, and that they will be required to purchase all previous DLC individually or in large bundles in order to experience some of the game’s best content.

If you is going to buy a Destiny 2 DLC after dealing with the free parts of the game, what should it be? Ideally, you’ll want to dismiss the question by just buying a big bundle of them all, but if you just want to pick one, it’s… hard. But I still have some advice.

I will break it down chronologically:

Destiny 2: The Red War – Just for context, I’m starting from the beginning. This was not an expansion, but the base campaign of the original game. It doesn’t exist anymore, with the whole thing sitting in a “content vault” that’s unlikely to ever come out. The new F2P player experience contained this campaign, two DLCs, and a year of seasonal content. Now that’s all gone, and you have the Shaw Han mission as your main boarding route.

Destiny 2: Forsaken – My old answer to this question would be to start with Forsaken, which many would consider Destiny 2’s best DLC, and one with a cohesive, compelling story as you avenge the death of a fallen friend, Cayde- 6. But even that campaign is now vaulted over the past year, and Cayde-6 only exists as a voice in a strike or two now. Don’t be fooled into buying the “Forsaken Pack” thinking you’ll get this DLC. This is just for the raid and dungeon, which while good, isn’t something I would pick up until you get much deeper into the game. The actual story campaign is gone.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – This is the real first expansion that you can buy chronologically now, and one that will not to be vaulted, according to Bungie. This is what Bungie considers the beginning of the current light and dark saga, and while I’d argue this is the first real introduction to the pyramids and darkness.

Unfortunately, I would also consider it Destiny’s weakest expansion. It’s relatively short, all things considered, with its missions simply assembling a single set of armor and fighting ghosts of past Destiny bosses. One of the more fun aspects of it, the Altars of Sorrow public event on the moon, is available for free. I would also argue that his raid, Garden of Salvation, isn’t as good as the other raids attached to the other expansions available. However, if you buy the bundle, you’ll want to start here given the timeline.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light – This is actually my pick for the DLC I would pick up first. No, I don’t think they are necessarily Destiny 2 better DLC, I’d rank Forsaken and Witch Queen above that, and yet it seems like a good starting point. It’s the only DLC necessary to use an entire subclass of the game, Stasis. It’s a DLC that I’d say has Destiny’s best expansion location, Europe, a mix of frozen landscapes and exciting underground exo factories. His raid, Deep Stone Crypt, is stellar and one of Destiny’s best.

The main story focuses on Eramis, who happens to be the current villain we’re fighting this season, with this story being the introduction to it. It’s a good introduction to Darkness, even if you skip Shadowkeep, and overall feels like an important part of the Destiny 2 ecosystem. I’d start here as a ramp to the next expansion, Witch Queen, which remains my favorite game to have does until now.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen – You can also start here if you want, skipping way ahead of the last expansion Bungie made. It’s a shame that literally I can not play the seasonal content of the year leading up to the expansion, since the set-up with Savathun during that year was key to making the story component of the campaign here. Without that context, it’s not as good. Mechanically though, the campaign is a lot of fun and the Legendary version reminds me of the old Halo campaign days and is arguably one of the best things Bungie has done in a while.

Throne World isn’t my favorite destination, but the meat and bones of the campaign is hard to beat, and its raid, Vow of the Disciple, is amazing and features some of the best weapons in the game right now. But I feel like you’re missing too much context to jump that far into the future, and Beyond Light, with its great location and entire subgenre, is a better place to start.

There are other packages you should know about:

30th Anniversary Package – This is essentially a standalone dungeon that Bungie released last winter, Grasp of Avarice. It gives you one of the best heavy weapons in the game, the Gjallarhorn. Other than that, it’s just okay.

Witch Queen Deluxe – Unless I’m mistaken, this not only gives you the Witch Queen and access to all seasonal content this year, but it’s also the only way to get the two dungeons that will be released this year. The duality already arrived last season and a new one will be released next season. But this pack doesn’t give you Shadowkeep or Beyond Light or Forsaken pack.

Lightfall – This is the next expansion coming in February 2023. You can pre-order if you want access to a new exotic, but I mean you’ll probably want to prioritize content you can actually play.

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