What’s new in Overwatch 2: Battle Pass, Challenges, How To Transfer Skins and more

After spending the last few weeks playing Overwatch 2, I learned several tips and tricks that have changed the way I’ve played since. This includes the difference between Overwatch 2 battle passes, how to quickly upload a battle pass, how the battle unfolded, and how the new Overwatch 2 heroes match up with the old crew. Here’s everything I wish I knew about Overwatch 2 before I started playing, neatly organized so you can get the start you need to find a master, compete in ranked matches, or just unlock that next awesome skin.

Differences between combat pass

As part of its transition to free-to-play, Overwatch 2 is adopting a battle system. This includes both a free battle pass and a premium battle pass, which players can purchase with 1,000 Overwatch Coins or $10 USD. These battle passes will last the entire length of an Overwatch 2 season, or roughly nine weeks, and offer a wide range of cosmetics and other goodies that players can earn simply by playing the game and progressing through the 80+ levels of the passes.