WWE Extreme Rules: Preview, predictions for all matches

A lot can change in a year in professional wrestling.

Right now in 2021, WWE has introduced one Extreme rules pay-per-view that didn’t live up to its name. In what should have been a night full of hard-hitting brawls, the vast majority of the card was contested under normal rules. There was only one match with an extreme term. It’s a show that was emblematic of the problems WWE faced in the final years of the Vince McMahon era. While the in-ring product was good, the wrestlers were constantly let down by lazy and uninspired bookings.

Now, under a new regime with Paul “Triple H” Levesque as lead creative, the difference between cards for Extreme rules 2021 and Extreme rules ’22 is night and day. WWE heads to Philadelphia this Saturday for a PPV where each match has a different extreme stipulation. None of these provisions feel out of place or unnecessary. Levesque has amassed intense controversies that are all worthy of the terms given to them.

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