Xbox Series X Owner creates stunning translucent back panels for the console

While the Xbox Series X Featuring a black rectangular design, an Xbox gamer decided to make his own improvements to the system by creating a translucent back. Released in late 2020, Microsoft created the Xbox Series X to be the company’s next-generation console to take on Sony’s PS5, and it has become popular with many gamers.

While the last generation of Xbox consoles had two options, the more expensive Xbox Series X was the highlight for many gamers due to its powerful hardware. However, it has become successful for more reasons than high-fidelity graphics. In addition, many gamers have enjoyed the new design of the Xbox Series X, and some fans have made their own modifications to the base system.


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One such gamer who has made custom parts for their Xbox Series X is a YouTuber named Modified. Specifically, they had created translucent back panels that could be swapped out for the current back panel in the next-gen system. Modified recently shared a video on their YouTube channel showing off the custom design. In the video, the creator provided several views of the translucent panels, revealing that there were many varieties of colors, including green, blue, orange, and transparent. In addition, they added the necessary holes for ventilation and connecting cables.

In addition to showing off the finished product, the YouTuber broke down the process of making the impressive custom accessory for the Xbox Series X. In the roughly five-minute video, they noted the materials needed to make the translucent back panels. Additionally, Modified provided a series of clips showing them using the necessary tools to build the design. While the creator said he wasn’t interested in selling many of these translucent back panels due to the time required to produce them, he noted that they had created a few extras that interested fans could purchase.

While these translucent back panels are undoubtedly impressive, this isn’t the only custom video game design made by Modified. In fact, the YouTuber has a number of other gaming-related projects on his channel. Some of the highlights include creating a Pokemon Silver cartridge out of pure silver and made an aluminum case for an Xbox Series X. In addition, they recently repaired a 70-year-old radio.

It’s worth mentioning that creating custom designs for the Xbox Series X and S consoles has become quite popular since the system was released. Just one example of other custom designs includes an Xbox Series X case that was painted to feature the Master Chief Halo Infinite. Additionally, Microsoft has given away several custom next-gen consoles for sweepstakes, such as a Pac-Man-themed Xbox Series S. Time will tell what other custom designs for these next-gen consoles pop up online.

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